Sophie: A Murder In West Cork

Sophie: A Murder In West Cork – What happened to Sophie Toscan du Plantier?

The horrific murder shook Ireland and France

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Sophie: A Murder In West Cork is tracking the tale of one of Ireland’s biggest and most tragic murder mysteries.

Sophie Toscan du Plantier seemed beloved by everyone, living in France with a peaceful retreat in rural Ireland to unwind.

However, both Ireland and France were rocked on December 23rd, 1996, her body was found in the middle of a field in Cork, with who killed her leaving behind next to no track.

In the 25 years that have followed, the case has sparked legal wars between the two countries.

The new trailer, released today, sees those close to the case speak out.

This includes interviews from from her family – including her son Pierre-Louis Baudey – and Ian Bailey, a man central to the investigation.

Here’s everything you need to know…

What happened to Sophie Toscan du Plantier?

Sophie Toscan du Plantier was a French television producer, mother-of-one, and wife to Daniel, an acclaimed film producer.

On December 23rd, 1996, her body was found on a pathway in Schull, County Cork.

She was wearing her nightgown and was caught up in barbed wire, with a concrete block nearby covered in blood.

It was later determined that she had been beaten to death with the block.

Sophie: A Murder In West Cork
Sophie was the mother to a young son at the time of her death (Credit: Netflix)

Nothing indicated that there had been any disruption at her home, with the Gardai (Irish police) finding the house neat and tidy.

However, because of the location it took five hours for the Gardai to arrive.

Her body remained open to the elements in the field at least 12 hours following her death.

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Sophie: A Murder In West Cork
The rural town of Schull was rocked by what happened (Credit: Netflix)

The murder launched a massive investigation across both Ireland and France, with police on both sides looking for answers.

Consequently, the Gardai never determined who killed her, but France closed in on Ian Bailey, a reporter who was quick to the scene.

Bailey has repeatedly denied any involvement in du Plantier’s death, and was arrested twice during the course of the investigation.

Sophie: A Murder In West Cork
Ian Bailey continues to maintain his innocence (Credit: Netflix)

In 2019, he was convicted “in absentia” by French courts, with the country making multiple attempts to extradite him.

Ireland’s High Court ruled that he cannot be extradited, and he currently remains in the country.

When is Sophie: A Murder In West Cork released?

Sophie: A Murder In West Cork drops on June 30th. All episodes will be available at that time.

Speaking about the new film, executive producer Suzanne Lavery said: “In making this documentary we wanted to honour Sophie, her family and that rural community in the West of Ireland. Even now, I find it genuinely astonishing that something so terrible could have happened not just to a woman who appeared to have such a gilded life but in such a beautiful place and to a community that prided itself on its peacefulness, its safety and inclusivity.

“It’s what drew Sophie there. What does seem so tragic, is that Sophie’s perfect escape turned out to be where she lost her life. And the shock of it still reverberates in that community 25 years later.”

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork will be available on Netflix. 

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