Someone has DEFINITELY been evicted from CBB

They didn't get the send off everyone else did

Celebrity Big Brother left fans confused on Wednesday night after the promised backdoor eviction was never screened.

After 90 minutes of the show, viewers were annoyed they didn’t get to see the exit and were left questioning whether the idea had been shelved.

But Bit On The Side presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has now confirmed with a tweet someone was evicted from the house last night and we’ll see the whole thing in tonight’s episode.

Host Emma Willis had revealed on Tuesday night’s show that one unlucky housemate wouldn’t make it to Friday’s final and explained how previously axed contestants would hijack the house.

They were set to cause havoc and then the vote would be frozen at which point the star with the least number of votes would leave alongside their old colleagues.

Channel 5
Emma and Rylan have been teasing us (Credit: Channel 5)

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Fans were really unhappy when none of the promised action actually took place on Wednesday night’s show as they’d believed it would.

“#CBB a bit confused, I thought there was going to be a secret eviction tonight???” said one.

Another added: “Has the backdoor eviction happened yet???? That’s tonight right?????”

Someone else speculated: “Then thought the eviction would happen on #CBBBOTS. Maybe something unexpected went down & we’ll never know?!”

When it became clear there was an eviction, people weren’t impressed it hadn’t been live, with one saying “We should have had that at least.”

Some think it’s Derek, but others believe it’s Sarah (Credit: Channel 5)

And now it’s been confirmed by the show someone has indeed departed, speculation is rife as to who it is.

Many believe it to be medium Derek Acorah, but his friend Lee Roberts has tweeted: “Loads of rumours flying around about who has been backdoor evicted from the @bbuk house… RUMOURS people rumours.”

And Derek’s wife, Gwen, also doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. She tweeted: “Does anybody know what’s going on with #CBB because I sure as hell don’t!”

Others believe Sarah Harding is a goner after her romance with Chad Johnson started to get on people’s nerves.

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With CBB staying tight-lipped over who it is, we’ll just have to tune in tonight to find out.