Soap’s deadliest season is here – but who will survive?

Some big names are on their way out of Soapville

Some of soap’s most well-known faces are leaving over the coming months.

But which ones will be leaving in body bags? Here’s our predictions.

Lauren Branning

Will Lauren drink herself to death? (Credit: BBC)

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We’ve seen Lauren hit the bottle again recently as she struggled to cope with Steven Beale’s death. And she’s not even found out that he got her sister pregnant and was lying about his brain tumour yet!

Alcoholic Lauren was told back in 2013 that she could die if she ever drinks again. Could she actually drink herself to death?

Body bag odds: 7/10

Abi Branning

Evil Abi could be on the Grim Reaper’s hit-list (Credit: BBC)

It was confirmed last week that Lorna Fitzgerald and Jacqueline Jossa were both being written out of EastEnders, which means Lauren’s nasty little sister, Abi Branning, will be saying goodbye to Walford as well.

She might not have a drink problem, but Abs is not a very nice person. She’s lied about being pregnant before, when she was with Ben. She deliberately got knocked up by her sister’s boyfriend. She lied in court about her dad killing Lucy Beale so she could be accepted by the Mitchell family.

In fact, her charge sheet is pretty long. And no crime goes unpunished by the Soap Gods.

Body bag odds: 9/10

Adam Barton

We’re worried about Adam’s health (Credit: ITV)

While we think it would be way too cruel for Emmerdale’s Moira Barton to lose another one of her children so soon after Holly’s tragic death, we have to admit, we’re kinda worried about Adam. Dales bosses have promised a massive exit storyline for Adam Thomas who plays him and on-screen we see Ads have a health scare over his sight.

What we really hope is for him and Victoria to reunite and disappear into the sunset together but, we’re not liking their chances tbh.

Body bag odds: 8/10

Emma Barton

An eye for an eye, Emma. Just saying’ (Credit: ITV)

We’ve all been waiting for the moment that unhinged Emma gets her just desserts for shoving hubby, James Barton, off a bridge.

She’s gone to some shocking lengths to cover her tracks including manipulating the memory of dementia-sufferer Ashley Thomas, and then blackmailing his young son, Arthur. We’re pretty certain that Emma won’t be living to tell the tale of her time in the Dales considering her crimes.

Body bag odds:  10/10

Nathan Curtis

No crime goes unpunished (Credit: ITV)

Nasty Nathan overtook Emmerdale’s Pierce Harris as soap’s most hated character after his sexual grooming of teenager Bethany Platt in Corrie.

Nathan has his trial coming up in the next few weeks and, while Corrie bosses promised Nathan would get justice, they haven’t specified exactly what kind of justice that is.

Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, has hinted that his character might not be facing jail time. If that’s the case, he’s almost certainly heading to hell.

Body bag odds: 6/10

Anna Windass

Would Anna really just leave her family? (Credit: ITV)

Debbie Rush confirmed she would be leaving Coronation Street earlier this year. She’s set to leave either late this year or early next, which looks as if it will coincide with villainous Pat Phelan getting his comeuppance.

We’re not sure if Anna would voluntarily leave Faye, Gary, Kevin and Jack so we have to admit we’re slightly worried about Anna. Could she be a victim of Phelan’s? Or will she be joining Andy Carver in that cellar?

Body bag odds: 7/10

Will Chatterton

Weird Will could meet his maker (Credit: ITV)

Michelle Connor finally learns the truth about Will in Corrie this week when she accidentally comes across a pile of photos of herself in his house. Yikes. Leon Ockenden, who plays twisted Will, has promised viewers that his alter-ego will get a fitting end.

Considering this guy has drugged ‘Chelle, planted drugs in the Bistro and just generally put her and Robert through hell, we say he must perish. Poor Michelle will never sleep again otherwise.

Body bags odds: 9/10

Lawrence White

Can ANYTHING finish this dude off? (Credit: ITV)

We’re not totally convinced that Emmerdale’s Lawrence isn’t immortal, you know. This guy has survived a shooting, an aneurysm, a gassing, numerous heart attacks and a wallop over the head during an armed robbery.

But could he really end up finally meeting his maker as Robert Sugden’s plans to take over Home Farm come to fruition? We’ll believe it when we see it.

Body bags odds: 0/10 – he’s invincible

Chrissie White

Would death become her? (Credit: ITV)

It’s not been 100% confirmed that Chrissie AKA Louise Marwood is leaving Emmerdale, but we do know that there are some big changes in the post at Home Farm.

There are rumours that her son, Lachlan, will go on a shooting spree. Could he accidentally kill his own mum? Or will Chrissie take the blame for him and see herself with a prison sentence?

Body bag odds: 5/10

Lachlan White

He’s got previous (Credit: ITV)

Again it’s not been confirmed that Thomas Atkinson is leaving Emmerdale, but there are rumours flying around that Lachlan is set to become the latest serial killer in the Dales. If he does indeed go on a gun rampage, then there’s only really one way for that to end. And it’s in a body bag. Just ask Cameron Murray. Oh, that’s right you can’t. Because he’s dead.

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Body bags odds: 8/10