Soap fans slam “stupid” TV bosses for dropping Coronation Street episodes from schedules AGAIN!

FOOTBALL replaces some of September's slots

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ITV bosses are risking the wrath of Corrie fans once again by dumping it – for FOOTBALL (what else?).

Seriously, it’s time they started shoving it on one of its digital channels – can we get an Amen?

From next week, viewers will miss out on episodes because of England’s Word Cup qualifiers.

QUALIFIERS? It’s not even the actual thing, for chrissakes.

Fewer Phelan fixes over the next fortnight (Credit: ITV)

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Friday’s episodes (September 1) have been shunted to make way for the three lions’ match against Malta.

The following Monday’s outings have also been dumped in favour of their game against Slovakia.

Outrageous, right? Already fans are are kicking off (oops, sorry!) on Twitter.

Earlier in the summer Coronation Street AND Emmerdale were dumped from their usual slots for more football – the semi-finals of *something called the Confederations Cup.

One is not amused, is one, Anna? (Credit: ITV)

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Soap fans on Twitter were FUMIN’ then.

One Twitter botherer summed up many people’s feelings pretty succinctly, saying: “Coronation Street cancelled for some tinpot cup that no one’s heard of. Get a grip ITV.”

Another said: “Well done to the coronation Street cast for another gripping story it’s a pity you not on 2 nights next wk due to football so annoying.” [sic]

Seriously, ITV schedulers, we’d have thought you’d learned your lesson back then. Not cool, REALLY not cool.

*no we really don’t care.

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