Credit: Sky News

Sky News presenter has a meltdown live on air after making a mistake

It was awkward to watch

An on-air blunder can be quite entertaining, but this one was cringey to watch as Sky News’s Jon Craig had a bit of a meltdown live on air.

Jon made a small mistake when talking about politics, but then got angry with himself and gave up on his report.

Credit: Sky News
Jon stopped his report after he made the blunder (Credit: Sky News)

Jon had been giving a Brexit report when he said: “Theresa May and David Davis are pleading with opponents of Brexit to back the legislation being debated by MPs today… are pulling the European Union…”

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Instead of continuing on with his report, he put his head in his hands and repeatedly said: “Oh God, oh God,” and stopped talking.

He briefly looked at the camera before it cut back to the main anchor in the studio who had to awkwardly address the situation.

The anchor said: “We’ll go back to Jon Craig as soon as soon as we’ve sorted the issues there.”

Credit: Sky News
Jon was visibly annoyed with himself for making the mistake (Credit: Sky News)

This Morning also suffered a bit of a blunder yesterday as a guest said something in Danish which Holly and Phil thought was a rude word!

The presenters misheard the guest, and burst into hysterical laughter.

They were chatting to Danish life coach Meik Wiking about his new book The Little Book of Lykke, which is all about the search for happiness.

Before they welcomed him into the studio, Phil took a shot at pronouncing the “Lykke” part of the title.

Meik replied that he’d done a good job with his accent and added: “You’ve been watching a lot of Borgen!”

Holly was in hysterics when she misheard what a guest had said (Credit: ITV)

Shocked Phil nervously laughed as he said: “Sorry, a lot of what?”

Meanwhile, beside him Holly was in absolute hysterics.

“Borgen – the Danish parliamentary drama,” replied Meik.

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By this point both hosts had the giggles as Phil started to say: “I thought he said…”

And then Holly cut in: “So did I… let’s not go there.”

It turns out both hosts thought Meik had said Phil had been watching a lot of porn! Oh-er!