The cast of Truth Seekers

Simon Pegg’s Truth Seekers: release date and cast for the new Amazon Prime series

A spooky supernatural series hits our screens just in time for Halloween - but what's the eerie drama all about?

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been cracking us all up since their Spaced days, followed by cult classics Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Now, the witty duo are returning with a new irreverent comedy called Truth Seekers – just in time to creep us all out for Halloween.

What’s it all about?

Truth Seekers is a “supernatural comedy drama series” about a group of part-time paranormal activity investigators.

The group explore strange sightings all over the UK and then upload their findings online.

As the gang make their way through ghost watches across the country; hanging out trying to catch supernatural beings in the act in churches, bunkers and derelict hospitals with their array of home-made gadgets, they eventually uncover a secret so terrifying that it could end the human race.

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Nick Frost as Gus Roberts
Nick Frost as Gus Roberts – and friend (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Who is in the Truth Seeker’s cast?

Nick Frost stars as Gus, a paranormal fanatic, and Samson Kayo as Elton, a cool dude who is “hiding secrets.”

Simon Pegg plays Dave, Gus’s boss at the satellite installation company, Smyle.

Malcolm McDowell stars as Richard, a “miserable old bugger” who’s also very lonely.

Emma D’Arcy plays Astrid, a woman on the run and who also suffers from creepy apparitions.

Susan Wokoma is Helen, Elton’s sister, who’s obsessed with cos-play.

Susan Wokoma as Helen and Malcolm McDowell as Richard
Susan Wokoma as Helen and Malcolm McDowell as Richard (Credit: Amazon Prime)

When is it on Amazon?

Truth Seekers is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video from October 30.

There are eight episodes in the series.

Simon Pegg as Dave, Nick Frost as Gus Roberts
Simon Pegg as Dave and Nick Frost as Gus Roberts (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Where did the idea for the series come about?

Nick Frost revealed real-life experiences that led to the idea: “Simon and I used to be ghost-hunters, I would say children, but we were like thirty.

And it wasn’t ghost-hunting, it was just getting in his car and driving to High Bean in Essex where there’s an old Saxon Church and just frightening one another, walking around the cemetery at night on our own.

“I’d always get quite badly injured, I think I suffered two really bad injuries, including knocking myself unconscious and Simon left me because he thought I was mucking about.

I think that was partly where it came from. Just normal people, you know, wanting to experience something super-unnormal.”

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Where was the series filmed?

Simon Pegg said that much of the show is filmed in Welwyn Garden City: “[Some of my scenes are in] an old Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn Garden City.

It’s actually my second time having a production in Welwyn Garden City, which is essentially a huge abandoned warehouse, brilliantly evocative and rundown. I think it’s served as several locations for us.

“It’s great when you come across these buildings that have been untouched for years because they serve really well for spooky locations and this one was just full of them.

So yes, it’s been great, we’ve been in various basements and abandoned buildings.”

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