Simon Cowell leaves viewers confused as he hits out at show twist

Wasn't it his idea?

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If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Simon Cowell rules The X Factor with an iron fist.

Simon didn’t seem impressed with his own rules! (Credit: ITV)

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Nothing happens on the show without Simon’s say so, and, from which judges are sat next to him each week to what we see of the auditions process, you can bet it’s all passed Simon’s beady eyes.

That’s particularly true of the show’s hugely changed format this year, which has seen Simon oversee a shorter run for the show with more eliminations and fewer ‘novelty’ acts making it through to the finals.

Last night’s X Factor saw those changes have a big effect as two acts left the show in a double elimination.

The unlucky performers were Irish brothers Sean and Conor Price and Sam Black who found themselves saying goodbye before they had expected to.

Host Dermot O’Leary was as surprised as anyone, and told the boys that they had excelled themselves.

Sam Black was one of the acts who left the show (Credit: ITV)

“The standard is so high now that any other year we would look at you as finalists,” he said to Sean.

Sean didn’t seem phased by crashing out of the competition and wished everyone else still competing in the show the best of luck.

“We never expected to come this far in the competition,” he said. “Everyone is so talented, so best of luck to everyone.”

Sam went on to thank Simon and said: “Louis is the best judge ever. I’ve had the best time, its amazing.”

However, show boss Simon demanded his say and motioned to Dermot to pass the microphone over, before managing to confuse everyone watching with what he said.

Simon calls the shots on the show (Credit: ITV)

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“Whose idea was it to do a double elimination?” Simon demanded.

‘Yours!’ shouted Dermot, before Simon was seen to shake his head and suggest that it wasn’t his plan at all.

Simon had already complained about the double elimination rule earlier that evening, saying:

“It’s just occurred to me that we’ll lose two people tonight. I don’t know who agreed to that?”

His protestations of innocence didn’t wash with viewers though, who were quick to take to Twitter to express their disbelief.

This viewer put it simply (Credit: Twitter)
Another described Simon as ‘the puppet master’ (Credit: Twitter)
Another viewer found Simon’s moans very rich (Credit: Twitter)

There will be even more exits from the show tonight, so get ready!

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