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Silent Witness on BBC One: What is Nikki Alexander’s romantic history? Is there are future for her and Jack?

Is there hope for colleague Jack Hodgson?

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Nikki Alexander opens up about her romantic life in tonight’s episode of Silent Witness, but who is her current boyfriend and who else has she dated?

The character is in a long distance relationship with a man she barely sees, while her colleague – right under her nose! – appears to be falling for her.

Here’s everything you need to know about the romantic history of Nikki Alexander, played by Emilia Fox.

Silent Witness Nikki and Matt
Nikki found love with Matt Garcia in series 22 of Silent Witness (Credit: BBC One)

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Silent Witness Nikki and boyfriend Matt

Nikki is currently dating Matt Garcia, portrayed by Michael Landes.

The pair got together in 2017 and are in a long distance relationship.

Nikki’s boyfriend Matt worked for the US ambassador and met Nikki when an American embassy employee was found dead on UK soil.

When the case was solved, Matt accepted a job back in Washington and the pair embarked on a Transatlantic relationship.

This Tuesday (September 28 2021), Nikki tells newcomer Simone Tyler: “I’m in a long-distance relationship.

“Matt’s an amazing guy but he lives in Washington and my life and work is here.”

When Simone asks if Nikki Alexander still loves long distance boyfriend Matt, she reveals that she does.

She admits being in a long distance relationship “doesn’t get any easier”.

Nikki and Jack – is there a future?

Recently, Jack (David Caves) and Nikki have been seen getting closer.

In the second episode of Brother’s Keeper, Jack is torn between loyalty to his brother and protecting his family.

And, as his feelings bubble towards the surface, he finds himself drawn emotional closer to Nikki.

Although Nikki is in a relationship with US diplomat Matt, viewers might well see a flicker of chemistry between her and Jack as they cosily share a takeaway pizza.

Could Jack and Nikki get together in the future? Well anything is possible!

But Nikki is the consummate professional, so would she embark on an affair with her colleague?

In an interview ahead of series 24 starting, Emilia Fox teases: “I would say Nikki makes some mistakes along the way in this series and gets caught up in some things which make life a bit complicated.

“And her relationship with Jack becomes very, very, key, particularly at the end of the series, and working out what they mean to each other.”

Jack and Nikki in Silent Witness
Are Jack and Nikki developing feelings for each other in Silent Witness? (Credit: BBC One)

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Nikki Alexander boyfriend – who else has she dated?

Forensic pathologist Nikki has been pretty unlucky in the love stakes so far.

There was adulterous Ryan McBride, tragic James Embleton and even serial killer Greg – not a happy love CV!

Paramedic Ryan McBride (played by James Sives) was with another woman when he fell for Nikki.

Nikki met Ryan when he responded to the stabbing of a teenage girl at a fairground.

She was instantly attracted to him – and he to her – and they began a relationship.

However, his infidelity and racism appalled Nikki and she ended things.

Lord James Embleton, portrayed by Ed Stoppard, dated Nikki for a while until she broke things off when she learnt he had a hand in Leo Dalton’s suspension.

He later died.

Meanwhile, Nikki was drawn to defence lawyer Greg Walker (Tobias Menzies) with whom she shared a kiss…

He is later revealed to be a serial killer, who framed his client David Bennetto for his crimes.

Nikki has also dated the less dangerous DCI Jim Sullivan, DI Dan Jennings and Anton Radebe.

All of these relationships ended, either due to an untimely death, or incompatibility.

Nikki Alexander boyfriend – other romantic relationships

Nikki was also very close to Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward).

The pair often flirted with one another and Nikki even invited him to stay in her house after his flat was blown up.

It’s implied that they have romantic feelings for one another, but nothing comes of it when Harry leaves for America at the end of series 15.

Silent Witness continues on Mondays and Tuesdays on BBC One at 9pm.

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