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Silent Witness: Viewers praise ‘heartbreaking’ Clarissa cancer storyline

Tough decisions for Clarissa

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Forensics crime drama Silent Witness never shies away from hard-hitting storylines.

Viewers took to social media to express their opinions on last night’s episode and many were left ‘heartbroken’ after another emotional instalment.

Forensic investigator Clarissa Mullery had some tough decisions to make about her mother, who had been taken seriously ill.

Viewers were heartbroken by Clarissa’s storyline (Credit: BBC)

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Played by Liz Carr, Clarissa faced a huge dilemma.

She learnt that her mother – already suffering from dementia – had been diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

She had to decide what to do because her mother was unable to make decisions for herself.

And, throughout the episode, viewers saw Clarissa’s mother become confused and lash out at her daughter.

Clarissa had to make some tough decisions (Credit: BBC)

The main storyline on the BBC show featured teenagers messing around in a stolen car, which collided with a concrete pillar in a multi-story car park.

The joyriders escaped but within the smashed concrete, the creepy form of a skull was revealed.

After painstakingly extracting the skeleton encased inside, Nikki and the Lyell team had to investigate a suspicious death from 20 years ago.

But it was Clarissa’s storyline with her mum, and the choices she had to make regarding her mother’s care that really hit home with viewers.

Viewers were quick to praise the storyline, and supported Clarissa during her struggle.

“When #SilentWitness hits home big time,” one wrote.

“I feel for Clarissa big time with her Mum, My Nan is in that situation right now. It breaks my heart big time knowing she’ll never be the woman he used to be.”

This series of #SilentWitness has been really good. The Clarissa and her mum storyline is heartbreaking.

“This series of #SilentWitness has been really good. The Clarissa and her mum storyline is heartbreaking,” another said.

A third wrote: “Very well acted scene with Clarissa and her mum.

“So true of dementia and a great example of how to be with someone who has it.”

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Actress Liz, 47, also took to Twitter to comment on the storyline.

“This week’s story is the biggest storyline me and Clarissa have ever had on the show,” she said.

In reference to Clarissa’s returning husband, she continued: “And yes, Max is back.”

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