Our burning questions before the Showtrial ending

Showtrial ending: 7 questions we need absolutely answering before tonight’s big finale

Is Talitha guilty or not?

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The Showtrial ending is this weekend, and that final episode will no doubt give us plenty of twists and turns.

But where are we at the moment, mere hours away from the big reveal?

With the actual trial underway, here are the questions we need answering before the big one…

Our burning questions before the Showtrial ending
Cleo in action (Credit: BBC)

Showtrial ending: 1 Who was defending who… and prosecuting who?

We don’t think we’ve seen anything like this in any crime drama before – three sets of lawyers either prosecuting or defending their clients.

In one corner, we had the prosecution, who wanted a conviction against both Talitha and Dylan.

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Then we had Cleo’s team, who wanted to prove that Talitha is innocent and Dylan is guilty.

And then there was Dylan’s team, who were desperately trying to get their client off the hook and prove Talitha is guilty.


Our burning questions before the Showtrial ending
Will Cleo go against the Campbell’s family wishes? (Credit: BBC)

Showtrial ending: 2 What role has Talitha’s mum have in all of this?

We know that Talitha’s mum hasn’t been… well, put it this way: she won’t ever receive a ‘best mum of the year’ mug on mother’s day.

Cleo desperately wanted Talitha on the stand to give evidence against her, but Damian was dead against it, worried that his family’s reputation was at stake.

But what is really going on with Talitha’s mum and, more to the point, what role did she play in Talitha’s personality?

3 Will Cleo go against Damian’s wishes?

Cleo really thinks that questioning Talitha about her mother on the stand will swing the jury.

But Damian has very forcefully told her that’s a big, fat no-no.

So will Cleo go against the billionaire that is bank-rolling her lawyer firm or go with her instincts?

Our burning questions before the Showtrial ending
Cassidy hasn’t played a blinder (Credit: BBC)

4 Will the ‘non relevant material’ get Cassidy into trouble?

We know that DI Cassidy does not like Talitha Campbell. Not one bit.

And remember, she told a colleague to disregard a crucial piece of video evidence showing Dylan with the scarf.

Now that evidence has come to light, it’s anyone’s guess whether Cassidy will get into deep trouble for her turning a blind eye.

She’s already been made to look a bit silly in the dock, and now there’s this.

Our burning questions before the Showtrial ending
Lydia Vendler in the dock (Credit: BBC)

5 Showtrial ending: Did Talitha really say those things in the letter to Stephen Venkler?

The big twist was that widow Lydia Venkler revealed in the dock that Talitha had written her husband a letter, detailing all sorts of saucy things.

And allegedly disturbing and violent things.

So the question is, is Lydia really telling the truth or this a case of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’?

Talitha Showtrial
Will Talitha be on her best behaviour? (Credit: BBC)

6 What will the jury make of Talitha?

Throughout this series, Talitha Campbell has been, at various times, a pain in the arse, vulnerable, entitled, infuriating, clever, smart, funny and very annoying.

Even though she’s been in the courtroom all the way through, we haven’t seen her on the stand.

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Which leads us to ask: what on Earth will the jury make of this complex and abrasive character?

7 So… did Talitha really do it?

It’s anyone’s guess as the Showtrial ending approaches!

Showtrial finishes on Sunday November 28 at 9pm on BBC One.

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