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Shock deaths for TWO EastEnders characters in Christmas Day episode?

Which of the victims will be the shock death teased for Christmas?

Lauren and Abi Branning have been left fighting for their lives in EastEnders after an action-packed Christmas Day.

The sisters – played by Jacqueline Jossa and Lorna Fitzgerald – fell off the Queen Vic’s roof as they tried to convince dad Max not to kill himself.

Are they dead? (Credit: BBC)

Their mum Tanya returned to Walford to save her kids from Max and expose him for killing Steven Beale and his other secret misdeeds.

Forced to leave Stacey’s house after she rejected him just a day after reigniting their affair, Max was attacked by Steven’s dad Ian for his killing.

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But when Ian was dragged away, Kathy vowed to deal with Max once and for all and begged Phil Mitchell to kill him.

As Max stood alone in the Square, Phil emerged with the gun he had received from Billy and beat Max up.

The sisters fell off the roof trying to convince Max not to jump (Credit: BBC)
Tanya and Stacey looked on in horror (Credit: BBC)

Despite max begging Phil to shoot him, he refused though in the scuffle a shot rang out, but Max was left alive.

Deciding he had nothing left to live for, Max stormed up to the Vic’s roof and readied to take his own life.

Max was ready to end his own life (Credit: BBC)
He had failed to destroy Walford (Credit: BBC)

But when Abi and Lauren spotted him, they raced upstairs to stop him.

Abi shouted: “Get off the ledge dad, we are not going back in without you.”

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But as Lauren reached for Max’s hand, she slipped and fell off the roof, taking her pregnant sister with her.

Will either of the sisters survive? Or Abi’s baby?