Shock Coronation Street departure next week?

Something might stop them though...

Coronation Street are set to air a shock departure next week as Kate Connor decides she’s leaving for Spain.

Kate has been embroiled in a will-they-won’t-they romance with best friend Rana Nazir.

Rana was due to officially marry her husband Zeedan last week, but we all know she’s been harbouring feelings for Kate and fighting her attraction to another woman.

Kate decides she has to leave to get away from Rana (Credit: ITV)

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After they shared a passionate kiss, Rana ended up surprising – and disappointing – fans when she turned up at the registry office to marry Zeedan.

Moments before, Kate had left her a voicemail telling Rana she loved her.

The girls’ kiss threw Rana’s wedding plans into turmoil (Credit: ITV)

A drunk Kate then turned up at the wedding reception, making things very awkward for her mate, and leaving Rana in even more turmoil.

Desperate to get a reaction out of Rana and to get away from it all, Kate announces she’s going to move to Spain with her dad Johnny and his new wife Jenny.

Kate pretends to be really enthusiastic about it, while Rana struggles to process the news, knowing she has to act fast or she’ll lose the woman she loves forever.

But does she have the guts to admit her true feelings – and reveal to everyone she’s betraying her husband with another woman?

Kate confesses to Luke why she’s really leaving (Credit: ITV)

Kate eventually breaks down and admits to flatmate Luke she doesn’t want to go. She explains it’s killing her being around Rana, but will he advise Kate to follow her heart?

It seems if she stays she’s going to be crossing paths with Rana more than she wants to because an unsuspecting Zeedan sends the pair off together to a food fair on his behalf.

It’s awkward to say the least, but then disaster strikes when the van breaks down (typical) and leaves the pair stranded together.

Can Rana fight her feelings any longer? (Credit: ITV)

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With the situation becoming heated, Rana eventually confesses to Kate how she really feels.

She tells her friend she can’t stop thinking about her, but can’t act on her feelings because her parents would disown her if she came out.

But there’s no denying the chemistry between them and Kate starts to soften in her stance about leaving Weatherfield – and Rana – behind.

Stranded together, can these two resist their passion any longer? Or will they give in at last?

And just what does this mean for Kate’s future on the Street? Will she really be able to leave Rana?

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