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Shaun Wallace blasted by fans for “shocking performance” on The Chase

The Dark Destroyer branded "worse than a cat" by ITV viewers...

The Chase fans have laid into Shaun Wallace for what they believe to be “a shocking performance”.

On Tuesday (5 March), the chaser – better known for his stage name The Dark Destroyer – made several mistakes, according to viewers, who blasted his attempts to beat the contestants.

Shaun Wallace The Chase
Shaun has irritated The Chase fans (Credit: ITV)

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They said the brainiac needed to “up his game” after failing to win the Final Chase, and one furious viewer even suggested “a cat would do better than Shaun Wallace”. Meow!

While Shaun’s mistakes were great news for the hopeful contestants David, Sandy and Alys who walked away with £7,000 between them, fans were LIVID and even called for Shaun to be “fired”.

Perhaps they’d like to try their hand at his job for a while?

Alys, Sandy and David on The Chase
Alys, Sandy and David took on the chaser (Credit: ITV)

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Shaun angered fans yesterday when, despite knocking out one of the contestants in the head-to-head, he failed to catch the remaining three in the final round.

The 58-year-old barrister only had to catch-up with a score of 14 – considered average by viewers, who were then appalled when the chaser was unable to win.

One question in particular left fans tearing their hair out, when host Bradley Walsh asked: “A stampede of wildebeast features in what 1994 Disney film?”

Shaun Wallace the chase
Oh Shaun, not a good day at the office! (Credit: ITV)

Of course, the answer was The Lion King, but Shaun was forced to pass.

After getting several question wrong and losing, Shaun admitted: “That was pathetic by me.”

He went on to add: “That was a poor day at the office. I really should have got that.”

And disgruntled fans were quick to agree, blasting the chaser on Twitter and performing a savage character assassination.

One said: “Wow, that was shocking Shaun. Has he actually watched the Lion King? #TheChase.”

Another added: “Shaun is so bad.”

A third typed: “Shaun, up your game.”

“Shaun needs to be fired after this,” claimed another, while one more said: “Couldn’t a cat do better than Shaun Wallace? He seems to always lose. #TheChase.”

Is it just us, or is anyone else beginning to feel sorry for Shaun?

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