Sharon Osbourne responds to Grace ‘diva’ reports

Mrs O ain't taking no diva behaviour from ANYONE

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Never one to mix her words, Sharon Osbourne’s found herself at the centre of claims she’s had to rein in one of her acts on The X Factor after hearing of diva behaviour.

Sharon, who is one of the most respected managers in the music world, was said to be furious after hearing that her act, Grace Davies, had been throwing diva strops backstage.

“Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done!” (Credit: ITV)

However, Mrs O has now responded to the allegations in typical Sharon style.

And, well, they aren’t true!

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A rep for Sharon told MailOnline: “This is [bleep].”

Well, that’s us told!

It had been alleged that Sharon apparently called Grace to her dressing room on Sunday night and told the 20-year-old that her behaviour has to stop.

Grace hasn’t responded (Credit: ITV)

An insider told The Sun: “Grace is undoubtedly a talent and marked herself out as a definite contender early on, but it seems to have gone right to her head.

“Sharon is having none of it and after she heard some of the talk about Grace’s behaviour backstage, she pulled her into her dressing room at the studios.

Sharon has denied ‘diva’ behaviour from Grace (Credit: ITV)

“She told her to get her attitude in check because success in showbiz is all about working with people and getting the best team around you.”

As with all X Factor contestants over the years, the up-and-coming star has both critics and mega fans in the audience.

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Holly Tandy, Mrs O, Grace and Rai-Elle Williams (Credit: ITV)

Let’s face it: you can’t be in the public eye without having both, right?

Among those who aren’t her biggest fans was one who tweeted last week: “I’m sorry to all you Grace fans but really??? That high note made my dog run out of my room.”

However, Grace has also got a huge amount of support from loyal fans who are desperate to see her go all the way to the final.

One urged: “UK people! Please vote for Grace to win this week! She will make an amazing hit!!! Just imagine!”

Grace will perform George Michael’s I Can’t Make You Love Me this weekend as part of the X Factor’s tribute to the late singer.

She said today: “This song is ME.  I have sung it for years and I could not feel more honoured to perform it this weekend, remembering the pure talent that is George Michael.

“I genuinely cannot wait for this weekend and hope you all enjoy it.”

Good luck!