Shane Richie has FINALLY revealed the fate of Kat and Alfie after that weird Redwater ending

Did they live to tell their tale?

C’mon, we’ve all been wondering what the heck happened to EastEnders’ Kat and Alfie Moon since the final episode of Redwater aired with question marks hanging over what happened to them – and even if they were still alive.

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As you probably know by now, Kat and Alfie popped across to the Emerald Isle to track down Kat’s long lost son who turned out to be a bit of an unhinged killer.

The final episode showed Alfie flatlining in hospital after an operation on his brain tumour, while Kat appeared to meet a watery end as she was hit by a speedboat propeller.

Since then it’s been confirmed that Redwater will NOT be returning for a second series, but NO ONE bothered telling us what happened to our Easties faves.

Were they dead? Were they alive? Was Kat’s cousin, Stacey Fowler, about to get a horrifying phone call about her relatives? Who knew? Not us.

Until now.

Shane Richie, who plays former Queen Vic landlord Alfie, has finally revealed their fate. He told The Sun: “Thankfully, Kat and Alfie are not dead. That’s as much as I know.”

He also spoke about the possibility of the much-loved couple heading back to Albert Square.

Shane said: “You know what I love? Every time you get actors, they always say, ‘Never say never’. And I’ve watched and I’ve gone, ‘Shut up, never say never’.

“Because all these actors make out it’s their decision whether they go back or not, and it’s b******s. It’s never their decision.

“So I’d like to sit here and go, ‘Maybe I’ll see how I feel about it’.”

He continued: “Trust me, if I get the phone call from EastEnders . . .  I loved being there. I’ve got a lot of friends that are still there.

“If I got the phone call to come back, I’d love the idea.”

Shane also spoke about filming Redwater over in Ireland.

He said: “Me and Jessie (Wallace, who plays Kat) — I always thought it was lovely being in Ireland and we had a wonderful four or five months out there.

“We literally did tear the a**e out of it and had a great time.”

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We’d love to see Kat, Alfie and their brood back in Square. What do you reckon?