Sexy Beasts: What Panda Kariselle actually looks like and where to find her on Instagram

Kariselle wasn't shy about knowing what she wants in a partner.

In Sexy Beasts, no one leaves quite the impression the Panda Kariselle does.

The New Jersey native wasted no time in grilling her potential love interests to make sure she gets what she wanted – and that was marriage.

She eventually chose Tyler the Alien, and immediately asked “when’s the wedding?!” when the decision was made.

But did she make it down the aisle?

Here’s what you need to know about the woman behind the panda.

Sexy Beasts - Panda Kariselle
Who’s behind the mask? (Credit: Netflix)

Who’s the real ‘Panda’ Kariselle?

Kariselle Snow is a 26-year-old beauty queen from New Jersey, US.

She is a ‘professional party motivator’ and literally earns her living being the life and soul of a good night out.

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In 2020, Kariselle was crowned Miss New Jersey United States.

Appearing on the show, she wasted no time in declaring she was looking for a husband, and during her dates asked everything from their family plans to their health insurance status.

Sexy Beasts - Panda Kariselle
Kariselle knows what she wants in a future husband (Credit: Netflix)

Where can you find Kariselle on Instagram?

Kariselle’s Instagram account is @kariselle – where she shares everything from her model shoots to her cosplay outfits.

She makes a pretty killer Elsa from Frozen, and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

She also has a YouTube account that shares her singing skills as well as more intimate videos about her life – including one opening up about life as a domestic abuse survivor.

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Will there be a Sexy Beasts season 2?

According to reports, season two has already been given the go-ahead by Netflix, and will air later this year.

In the meantime, the first full season is available on Netflix.

Clips of the original series, which first aired on BBC Three in 2014, are available on the BBC website.

Sexy Beasts season one is available now on Netflix.

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