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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Deep Water on ITV: 'Sex mad' drama starring Anna Friel leaves viewers baffled

Plenty of sex and intrigue

ITV viewers have labelled new drama Deep Water 'sex mad' just one episode in.

The six-part series, which started last night (14.08.19), introduced us to busy mum Lisa (Anna Friel) and her pals Kate (Rosalind Eleazar) and Roz (Sinead Keenan).

At one point in the first episode, Lisa and her husband Joe (Steven Cree) were invited to a dinner party at Kate's lavish mansion home.

Lisa flirted with Adam at the party (Credit: ITV)

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Lisa got chatting with Kate's handsome brother-in-law Adam (Steve Toussaint) and the two of them hit it off, but Joe was seemingly unaware they were flirting.

In the scenes that followed, Lisa excused herself and headed off to the bathroom, where she was soon joined by Adam.

He joined her in the bathroom (Credit: ITV)

He made a move on her so Lisa jumped up onto the counter and they proceeded to have passionate sex - unaware that someone appeared to have spotted them from the hall outside the bathroom.

Someone might have seen them (Credit: ITV)

Later in the episode, a guilt-riddled Lisa realised she had left her knickers behind and returned to the scene of the crime on a mission to retrieve them.

Viewers reacted to the scenes on Twitter, some baffled that Lisa would have so easily cheated on her husband, particularly as she didn't seem all that drunk, while others found the idea of her forgetting her knickers totally implausible.

Oh my god, who forgets to pick up their knickers?

One said: "So confused! Everyone is sex mad and I don't know who anyone is! Going to stick with it as Anna Friel is normally terrific but this is going to take some time #deepwater."

Someone else tweeted: "Some very strange conversations going on, all seem to be sex mad, can't work out who is who, pretty boring so far #DeepWater."

A third wrote: "They're either frigid or sex mad in #deepwater."

Another said: "The only problem was it took Lisa two seconds to open her legs and [bleep] that fella. No apprehension at all and she didn't even seem that drunk lol #DeepWater."

"Oh my god, who forgets to pick up their knickers after a cheeky [bleep] in someone else's bathroom wtf?" tweeted a fifth.

A sixth viewer put: "Go to dinner, nose around the house, [bleep] another dinner guest in the bog whilst your husband is downstairs... what nonsense #DeepWater."

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The first episode of the series, which is set in the Lake District, ended on a cliffhanger when one of the younger characters was reported missing.

Lisa's daughter phoned and fought back tears as she revealed that Lucinda, Kate's daughter, had failed to turn up for lessons. Lisa was supposed to have picked her up from school the day before but had forgotten.

- Deep Water continues on ITV next Wednesday (21.08.19) at 9pm

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