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Sex Education on Netflix: 5 things that need to happen in season 3

Season 3 will start in September

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Netflix confirmed Sex Education season 3 will be coming to the platform on September 17.

The popular series started in 2019 and fans are thrilled for its return.

While no major details of the plot have been revealed, there are five things we would like to see happen in season 3 of the Netflix show…

Sex Education on Netflix: Maeve and Otis to get together

Will they finally get together? (Credit: Netflix)

Many fans of the show have been rooting for Maeve and Otis to get together since the very beginning.

Of course, in season 1, neither were sure how the other felt. Maeve began dating Jackson, but they split up and when she went to tell Otis how she felt, he was dating Ola.

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At the end of season 2, Otis left Maeve a voicemail confessing his love for her.

However, it was deleted by her new friend and neighbour Isaac.

Now we’re rooting for Otis and hope he’ll get the chance to tell Maeve how he feels.

Sex Education: Isaac needs to be exposed

Isaac left fans furious at the end of season 2 (Credit: Netflix)

This leads us on to our next point – Isaac.

We hope hope HOPE he gets exposed for deleting Otis’s voicemail.

Not cool, Isaac, not cool.

More Aimee please!

We need more Aimee! (Credit: Netflix)

The character Aimee Gibbs is played by Aimee Lou Wood.

Earlier this year she won a BAFTA for Best Female Comedy Performance for Sex Education and it was well deserved.

Not only does Aimee deliver some truly hilarious moments in the show, but in season 2 she was involved in a more hard-hitting storyline.

She was sexually assaulted on the bus going to school and developed a fear of using public transport.

After telling Maeve, Ola, Olivia, Lily and Viv what happened, they all grouped together to help Aimee.

We need more Aimee and her amazing outfits in season 3.

Exploring Adam and Eric’s relationship

Adam finally admitted his feelings for Eric (Credit: Netflix)

Adam started off as Eric’s bully, but in season 1 it became clear that Adam was unsure of his sexuality.

Towards the end of season 2 he declared his feelings for Eric and revealed he’s bisexual.

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Not only is Eric an incredible character, but it would be good to see his relationship with Adam develop further.

After everything he went through with his family, we so want to see him happy!

Jean’s pregnancy

Jean – played by Gillian Anderson – is pregnant (Credit: Netflix)

Of course, one of the show’s most prominent characters is sex therapist Jean Milburn, played by Gillian Anderson.

Towards the end of season 2, Jean discovered she was pregnant with Ola’s dad Jakob’s baby and hasn’t told anyone.

While she hasn’t decided what she’s going to do next, it’ll be interesting to see how she handles things – and how her teenage son Otis reacts!

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