Sean Fletcher on GMB

Sean Fletcher addresses new look as GMB viewers divided over his return

Sean hasn't been on the show since February

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Sean Fletcher returned to Good Morning Britain today after six months away from the show.

The presenter co-hosted Thursday’s programme (August 13) alongside Charlotte Hawkins.

However, he was forced to address his new look after viewers noticed he had grown his hair in lockdown.

Sean Fletcher on GMB
Sean Fletcher addressed his lockdown hair on GMB (Credit: ITV)

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What did Sean Fletcher say on GMB?

At the start of the show, Sean said: “It’s great to be back.”

Charlotte said: “Good morning and welcome to you Sean, welcome back. It’s lovely to have you here.”

Sean revealed: “It was February [since I was here], six months guys.”

Charlotte asked: “Where have you been? You’ve been a bit busy really haven’t you?”

Sean fletcher on GMB
Sean hasn’t hosted GMB since February (Credit: ITV)

He replied: “Yeah I’ve been a bit busy and there’s been a lockdown. It’s actually quite nice to be at a desk.”

Charlotte continued: “It’s a bit of a different atmosphere. Obviously we’re at different ends of the desk. 

“It’s a new working scenario but it’s lovely to have you here.”

Later in the show, Charlotte read out comments from viewers about Sean’s return.

One person noticed Sean’s longer hair and he explained he decided to keep it longer after growing it in lockdown.

He said: “I can confirm I am Sean Fletcher but I’m not the Sean Fletcher six months ago.

Sean fletcher on GMB
Viewers were thrilled to have Sean back on GMB (Credit: ITV)

“I had short hair. My son has been desperate for me to grow my hair.

Sean Fletcher’s lockdown hair

“This is a lockdown hairdo that I have now. Like most people I couldn’t go to the barbers. When you have afro hair, there’s a middle period where it just looks a bit rubbish.

My son has been desperate for me to grow my hair.

“As soon as the hairdressers opened, I didn’t go back. People now show me a lot more respect now that I have long hair.

“I think people think I’m a bit older. When I had short hair, I think people treated me like I was in my 20s.”

Sean went on to say people confuse him for weather presenter Alex Beresford.

Sean fletcher on GMB
Sean said people confuse him for Alex (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, viewers shared their thoughts on Sean hosting the show with Charlotte.

What did GMB viewers say about Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins?

One tweeted: “Morning Sean. Good to have your smiling face back! The longer hair actually makes you look younger!”

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Another wrote: “Welcome back and good morning @SeanFletcherTV love the new hairdo you are supporting.

“@CharlotteHawkns lovely to see you too.”

However, some people weren’t keen.

One said: “Love Charlotte can’t stand him.”

Another wrote: “Oh the awkwardness between these two.”

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