Saturday Morning with James Martin goes up in smoke – over BACON!

It's one way to smoke bacon...

Things got smoky on this morning’s episode of Saturday Morning with James Martin, as a smoke machine took over the set.

The latest episode of Saturday Morning went awry as a smoke detector took over (Credit: ITV)

The chef introduced the smoke machine with pride, claiming it was a Christmas gift from last year.

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But his beloved gadget turned out to be a bad idea for the small set, quickly filling the room with heavy smoke.

Claiming it was the ultimate gadget, James pulled out a smoke machine (Credit: ITV)

James was discussing gadgets with guests Alexander Armstrong and Nick Nairn, claiming they didn’t have anything that could compete with his smoke machine.

The machine produced what seemed at first like a small cloud of smoke (Credit: ITV)

“Neither of you have got the ultimate Christmas gadget,” he said, as he pulled out the machine, “which I got given last year – a proper smoking gun.”

He turned the machine on saying “now that is a Christmas present!”

The smoke cloud grew quickly (Credit: ITV)

But what started as a small cloud of smoke quickly grew to fill the room and obscure him from view.

Quickly James was completely obscured from view (Credit: ITV)

James attempted to waft the smoke away from him with a scrap of paper as he introduced a segment on cooking in France.

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He was left trying to waft the smoke away with some paper (Credit: ITV)

But the segment proved to be insufficient to clear the smoke, as the show returned to a still hazy kitchen.

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