Saturday Kitchen viewers baffled as chefs overcomplicate crumpets

Surely they're already perfect

What could be better on a weekend morning than some tasty crumpets, washed down with a big mug of hot tea?

Well, if you’re a top chef, fiddling with what makes crumpets magical.

On Saturday kitchen, host Matt Tebbutt was joined by chefs Ryan Simpson and Liam Trotman.

Warwick Davis was a guest on the show (Credit: BBC)

And their celebrity guest was star of Willow and Life’s Too Short, Warwick Davis.

Warwick explained that his food choices were very classic English – and professed to his love of roast dinners.

So when Ryan and Liam explained they were going to be making crumpets, no doubt Warwick was delighted.

The chefs made their own crumpets (Credit: BBC)

Until they explained that rather than just smothering the crumpets in butter, they had an unusual twist.

They were going to serve them with duck hearts – which are, apparently, available from your local butcher.

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Viewers weren’t impressed, and took to Twitter to voice their displeasure at messing with a classic.

And dished them up with duck hearts (Credit: BBC)

One wrote: “Duck hearts on crumpets? I would rather eat soil.”

While another simply said: “Just one question. Duck hearts on crumpets. WHY!!”

And many others made comments that were frankly unprintable.

Even Warwick himself had a cheeky word with the chefs when they served him the dish.

After taking a bite, he said – tongue in cheek – “Why have you ruined a very good crumpet with all of this other mallarkey?”

Warwick did seem to enjoy the dish (Credit: BBC)

Although he did admit that the gussied-up crumpets were actually very delicious, especially when served with a specially matched wine.

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So there you have it! It turns out you can improve a crumpet – just don’t come for our bacon sandwiches, Saturday Kitchen, we beg of you…

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