Saturday Kitchen caller leaves viewers, and host Matt Tebbutt, in hysterics

Poor Doug's viewer question wasn't worded quite right

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A viewer phone in to Saturday Kitchen this weekend had host Matt Tebbutt, and his guests, in fits of giggles.

Every week on the show viewers are invited to call in with any cooking questions they may have.

Chefs Dan Doherty and Ian Orr were there to help, and Game Of Thrones actress Gemma Whelan was Saturday’s guest.

One caller this Saturday was Doug from Hastings, who wanted some advice.

After Matt asked how they could help, Doug said: “Hello, I’ve got crabs” leaving the whole team trying to stifle their laughter.

Doug, of course, wanted to ask how to cook the crabs he’d bought, but the opening line left Matt and Gemma in particular struggling to contain themselves.

And fans of the show also found the moment hilarious, taking to Twitter to call Doug a “legend”!


We all know fans love a good mishap on Saturday Kitchen. Just last month, chef Donal Skehan had us gasping in horror.

The Irish TV presenter, 31, was chopping herbs to go with some fish that guest chef Jun Tanaka was barbecuing.

As Tanaka was explaining the popularity of the dish at his London restaurant, The Ninth, Skehan suddenly exhaled dramatically off-camera.

He’d only gone and sliced his finger open, causing it to start bleeding heavily.

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Looking alarmed – but surprisingly managing to sound calm – he said to the camera: “I’m fine. We’ll just crack on through like it didn’t happen.

“We’ve just cut my finger, but that’s OK because this is live television and very sharp knives.

“I’ll crack on through. I’m going to wrap a tea towel around it. Nothing like a bit of blood on a Saturday morning just to get you alive and kicking.”

The show’s other guest, comedian Julian Clary, responded in typically sarcastic fashion, saying: “You poor thing! Are you feeling faint? Do you think this is the end of your career?”

“This is probably it, Julian,” replied Skehan. “Who cares about the rain when you’ve chopped off your finger on live television?”

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to have their say, and as you might expect, they found the whole episode rather amusing.

“Hahaha this is absolute car-crash TV. Julian Clary doesn’t want to be there and Donal has just chopped his finger off,” wrote one less-than-sympathetic observer.

“Always said that Donal Skehan reminded me of a real life Alan Partridge,” mocked another. “This morning’s show confirms it.”

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Credit to Skehan, though – he was soon on social media himself, posting a picture of his bandaged thumb, as well as some humble words.

“Huge thanks for all the lovely tweets on the finger!” he wrote. “Thankfully not too deep but ooh that smarts!”

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