Sarah Harding’s ‘secret boyfriend’ reportedly “gutted” about her relationship with Chad Johnson

You've got to feel sorry for him

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We’ve all been hooked to the current series of CBB as we watch Sarah Harding and gorgeous Chad Johnson get it on.

But while we can’t get enough of their overly enthusiastic PDAs, we can’t help but think about how Sarah’s reported other half Aaron Lacey back in the real world is dealing with it.

We don’t reckon he’ll be too pleased with what she’s been getting up to, but admirably, he has so far kept a dignified silence.

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However, his mates have been happy to talk about how he is feeling.

And as you can imagine he’s not happy.

“He’s heartbroken. He fell for her,” a pal of plasterer Aaron told The Sun.

“They were inseparable. He supported her going on Celebrity Big Brother and watched nightly.

“He’s devastated she went behind his back.”

“He is a great guy and fell for Sarah for who she is, not the celebrity.

“He wasn’t bothered she was famous. He really liked her.

“He’s absolutely gutted.”

According to a friend Sarah and Aaron met in a bar a while back and started to get close quickly.

He was living at home at the time but moved in with her within weeks.

He is has now believed to have moved back to his parents’ home in High Wycombe.

It was just a week in to her stay in the CBB house that Sarah and Chad grew close.

But this week they announced they were officially a couple and viewers watched in shock as Sarah grabbed his hefty crotch during a midnight passion session.

Last night Sarah said she was keen to finally settle down and start a family.

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“The older I get, the more scared I am about the pregnancy situation,” she said.

“I just don’t want to be too old I can’t enjoy it.

“I’m still a big kid in my head, it’s just my body I worry about.”

“I’m at that age now where I want to settle down and have a family too. It would be nice to have a family and share that with a family.”

Tune in to tonight’s episode of CBB to see if Sarah and Chad manage to stay on the house until Friday.