Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson ‘split’ hours after they get it on in the loo

CBB romance is proving volatile

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The relationship between Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson went into overdrive on last night’s episode, as things got heated in all sorts of ways.

During the show, Sarah and Chad told their housemates they were now officially a couple, despite the fact Sarah has a fella in the real world.

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Encouraged by Sam Thompson, Chad asked Sarah to be his girlfriend and she said yes, reasoning that the guy back home would have dumped her by now after what he’d seen her get up to on screen.

During the conversation in the garden Sarah went on to explain that she was happy to be having fun with Chad and kiss him openly but would most definitely NOT have sex in the house.

However, after a few bevvies, a frisky Sarah whispered in Chad’s ear that she wanted some fun with him in private.

“Do you wanna go to the toilet and make out?” she said.

“What, now? Right now? Yeah!” a wide eyed Chad enthusiastically agreed.

Dashing across the house and without anyone seeing them, they slipped into the toilet in the communal bathroom where they knew there were no cameras.

Of course, they must have forgotten that they were still wearing their mics which picked up everything they were saying, even though they had cannily turned on the taps to drown out the sound of what they were saying.

As they smooched, Sarah asked of Chad “Is it going to be worth it?”

“What do you mean?” he teased. “Oh, that? Trust me it will be. You don’t have to worry about that, it’s my job.”

After a few noisy bangs,  Sarah reflected: “I didn’t even see this coming, [BLEEP] my life.”

“Are you happy?” Chad asked.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “I just want this to work.”

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However, their romance appeared to be on the rocks just a couple of hours later when the pair started arguing over some meat in the kitchen.

Chad had wanted to prepare some mince for himself which irritated some of his housemates because it would be needed for future meals.

Chad got irritated that Sarah took their side.

“You can eat anything in this room but just make sure there’s enough for everyone and consider other people,” she said.

“You need to think about other people.”

As the argument escalated, Chad walked off with Sarah calling after him: “You need to get used to the real world because it’s not all about you.”

Later on, Chad had calmed down and tried to woo Sarah back but she was still fizzing.

Calmly and cutely he asked Sarah “Are you my girlfriend?” to which she replied, “No. Not right now.”

“What is wrong with you?” he asked. “You’re so mean,” to which she snapped “[BLEEP] off!”