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Tuesday 14th July 2020

RuPaul's Drag Race star Baga Chipz divides GMB viewers with controversial Pride jokes

RuPaul's Drag Race star Baga Chipz made a hilarious appearance on GMB today (June 26).

But her adult humour didn't exactly go down well with everyone tuning in at home.

Baga Chipz divided GMB viewers (Credit: ITV)

Baga Chipz appears on GMB

Chatting to Richard Arnold, Baga Chipz joked about how she traditionally celebrates Pride.

She said: "Every Pride, I'm always out in Soho. I've got me drink in one hand, I've got my ciggie in the other hand and I'm flashing me tuppence to everyone.

"It's mad, do you know what I mean? I get the odd grope. But I love Pride. It's a time where I can get a bit of action."

The comedian then went on to joke about Love Island.

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"I think I should be on Love Island," she said. "I've got the body, I've got the class, I've got the elegance, I'm a very classy lady.

"All the men would have to put pillows over themselves. It's shocking. It's true. They're only human, dear."

The star discussed the importance of Pride (Credit: ITV)

Baga Chipz honours Pride

But after putting on an entertaining performance, she took a more serious tone to pay tribute to the original Stonewall riot protestors who led the way for the LGBTQ community.

"It's not just a celebration, it's also a protest," she said. "If it wasn't for the people before us, we wouldn't be able to celebrate Pride.

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"The first person to throw a stone at the Stonewall Riots was a black woman of colour, a trans woman of colour.

"So we owe it to them more than anything. Celebrate but also remember those before. us."

GMB viewers divided by Baga Chipz

Many of those watching at home praised Baga Chipz's appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Oh baga you were fabulous darling xx."

Another then added: "You have made my day x."

Moments later, a. third tweeted: "Made my day! Happy Pride!"

But unfortunately, there were some who decided to focus on criticising Bags Chipz's sense of humour.

One commented on Twitter: "@ChipShopBird on #gmb just said she loves to be covered in Daddy's sauce. It's 8.12am!"

Another added; "Certainly far too early for Bags Chipz. What a strange person."

Moments later, a third wrote: "Covered in Daddy’s sauce Showing off my tuppence Bit much #gmb."

Shortly after, a fourth commented: "WTF is this idiot doing on breakfast TV with the lewd comments #gmb."

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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