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Ross Kemp explains why he wore ‘unusual’ face mask

It was perfectly safe!

Former EastEnders actor Ross Kemp appeared on Lorraine today and explained why he was wearing an unusual face covering on his documentary series.

He had left viewers quite confused during an episode of his series Ross Kemp Living With…  when he wore a face mask with a mouth hole.

On Thursday (July 2) he told Lorraine exactly why he was wearing the unusual face covering.

Ross was interviewing those living with crippling painkiller addictions when he first sported the mask.

Lorraine and Ross Kemp ITV
Lorraine spoke to Ross Kemp about his unusual face covering (Credit: ITV)

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Lorraine asks Ross Kemp about his face mask

Bringing it up, Lorraine said to him: “You were filming this during social distancing, and you had this mask and a lot of people didn’t get it.

“It’s such a brilliant idea. It’s totally safe, it’s not like you’ve got a gap, it looks like you’ve got a gap there, it’s not a gap, it’s for a very special reason.”

Ross went on to explain the reasoning behind the covering.

“Particularly dealing with vulnerable people as we do, the director found that there was some masks that you could see the lips moving for people who need to lip read, but also vulnerable people who want to see your mouth moving they can be slightly disturbed if they can’t see your mouth.

“They’re perfectly safe, M3-type masks. We only got five of them and I used them for when we were doing interviews specifically so people can see me comminicating with them.”

Lorraine and Ross Kemp ITV
Ross’s face covering was unusual but did the job (Credit: ITV)

Completely safe

Lorraine told him: “It’s a brilliant idea, it’s got plastic there, it’s got coverage….”

“Like I was wearing one that had no coverage!” laughed Ross.

Lorraine replied: “Exactly! People thought that’s what you were doing and of course you weren’t doing that, not realising if you’re deaf and you need to lip read that’s your way of commuinicating…”

Lorraine and Ross Kemp ITV
Ross is investigating vulnerable families forced to relocate in his latest episode (Credit: ITV)

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“Even if you’re vulnerable,” Ross added. “A lot of people during these times say ‘I find it off-putting seeing someone with a mask’. Because you asssume people wearing masks are out to do no good.”

The next episode of Ross’s Living With series investigates the relocation of vulnerable families who have been forced to move to keep a roof over their heads.

Ross Kemp: Living With ‘Forced Out’ Families airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm.

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