Rory Cowan ‘snubs’ Mrs Brown’s Boys as it’s revealed as most-watched Christmas show

He wasn't tuning in!

It may be televisual Marmite, but Mrs Brown’s Boy’s Christmas Day special triumphed, pulling in the most viewers of any show all day.

The hit comedy drew in 6.8 million people, but one of them was not Rory Cowan.

He played Agnes’s son Rory for 26 years, before announcing his departure from the show over the summer.

Rather than write out the character, creator Brendan O’Carroll decided to bring in a new actor to play him instead.

Mrs Brown’s Boys was a ratings winner (Credit: RTE)

Damien McKiernan was introduced in the closing minutes of last night’s show, his different face explained by the character’s extensive cosmetic surgery.

The new Rory (Credit: RTE)

But Rory didn’t fancy seeing his replacement introduced, and chose to tune into the other side instead.

“I won’t be watching Mrs Brown. I’ll be watching Victoria on ITV,” the 58-year-old told the Irish Sun.

“I love that series. It’s two hours long and I’ll be glued to that.

Rory’s change in appearance was explained as surgery (Credit: RTE)

“I’ve no interest in Mrs Brown’s Boys. I left that show six months ago so it’s not something I want to revisit.

“And whoever replaced me is not my business either.

“What happens with Mrs Brown’s Boys, I’m not interested.”

It seems a shame, but we all move on when we leave jobs – and that means losing touch with colleagues too… Rory admitted he hasn’t been in contact with Brendan.

“But I’m not complaining. I’ve left and we’ve both moved on,” he added. “That’s how it should be. There’s no reason why we should be in contact.”

Fair enough!