Romance is in the air as CBB housemates get tangled up in love triangle

It's Bachelorette versus Made In Chelsea as love triangle brews just one week in

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Celebrity Big Brother kicked off less than a week ago but already a love triangle is brewing as Chad Johnson and Sam Thompson have BOTH admitted having the hots for Amelia Lily.

Former X Factor contestant turned West End star Amelia, 22, has found herself the object of the two men’s affections and it’s left her feeling a tad embarrassed.

Channel 5
Amelia Lily was embarrassed when Sam Thompson said he’d kiss her – in front of the other housemates (Credit: Channel 5)

While CBB viewers had seen a bit of flirtation between Amelia and Chad already, it came as a surprise when Made In Chelsea star Sam threw his hat in the ring on Saturday night’s episode.

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Some of the housemates were playing a game where they had to name who they would kiss in the house and Sam, 25, opted for Amelia.

“I feel like we’ve definitely got the best connection in here,” he later explained.

“But having said that, we are only three days in. There’s an initial attraction, that’s why I said I would kiss Amelia. It’s an attraction, she’s a really cool girl.”

Channel 5
Sam said he felt a connection to Amelia but did admit it was early days (Credit: Channel 5)
Channel 5
Chad also has a crush on Amelia – but has vowed he will take it slowly (Credit: Channel 5)

Amelia admitted feeling “so embarrassed” by the remarks but told Sam: “It’s fine, it’s quite flattering. I’m really flattered, actually, you’ve actually got balls, Sam, to say that.”

The question now is just where this leaves Chad?

The US Bachelorette star, 29, has made no secret of the fact that he rather likes Amelia.

And the whole house seems adamant that Amelia fancies him as well, despite her frequent insistence that she really doesn’t.

Channel 5
Amelia told Brandi Glanville she was frustrated everyone keeps claiming she fancies Chad (Credit: Channel 5)
Channel 5
Chad interrupted Amelia and Brandi’s chat about him, prompting Amelia to tell him she found it a bit awkward when everyone kept joking about them hooking up (Credit: Channel 5)

Amelia admitted to housemate Brandi Glanville, 44, in a quiet chat last night that she was baffled why everyone is so sure she has a crush on Chad and why no one will listen to her saying it isn’t true.

She pondered: “I think it’s all because I said he was a handsome man and he is a very good looking man… I feel like it’s getting me into bother.”

When Chad conveniently entered the room during their conversation, Brandi took the opportunity to tell him that Amelia just isn’t into him.

And just so Chad really got the message, Brandi told Chad the “bother” that Amelia spoke about wasn’t any sort of “sexual bother”, just frustration at her remarks being misinterpreted.

Channel 5
Chad told the diary room he felt things were going well with Amelia (Credit: Channel 5)

But Chad wasn’t about to give up that easily and later flaunted his muscular prowess by measuring his biceps in front of Amelia and teasing her about her petite stature.

Amelia told him: “You really make me laugh, Chad. I’m gonna come see you in the States, you know. You need to take me out and show me the nightclubs. You need to take me out and show me how it’s done.

He replied: “Oh, I’ll show you how it’s done…”

Channel 5
Chad thinks Amelia gets nervous talking to him, which suggests she may like him more than she lets on (Credit: Channel 5)
Channel 5
Sam explained to Amelia and Brandi why he chose to kiss Amelia – there was an attraction between them (Credit: Channel 5)

Clearly feeling confident, Chad retreated to the diary room to report back on the “current state of affairs” with Amelia being good.

When asked just why he’s feeling so positive about Amelia, he replied: “She gets really nervous when I’m talking to her and she shows a lot of emotion. I don’t think she’s just [messing] with me.

“The plan is basically to talk to Amelia without making it seem like I’m really trying to talk to her.

“I don’t wanna go in too hard, you know? I want to give her space, do my own thing and then when I do talk to her, I will just have to be Chad.”

He got his chance to chat with Amelia alone later that night when the booze began to flow and the house got a bit riotous – but unfortunately for him, it perhaps didn’t go as he expected.

Channel 5
Chad was confused by Amelia’s Love Island lingo during a cosy chat on the sofa (Credit: Channel 5)

Amelia outright told him: “Paul [Danan] has made it out to look like I fancy you – but I don’t.”

Chad quipped in response: “Oh, thank you. You really know how to make a man blush.”

Amelia tried to explain herself by embracing some Love Island lingo, telling Chad that she doesn’t “graft” on men, but Oklahoma-born Chad was utterly confused.

“Are we making up words?” he asked.

Channel 5
Chad told Trisha Paytas that he was a sensitive guy despite what his exterior may suggest otherwise (Credit: Channel 5)

But even Amelia’s firm insistence that there’s no spark there wasn’t enough to dampen Chad’s spirits as he rather sheepishly agreed with Trisha Paytas later in the night that he does indeed have feelings for Amelia.

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It was a surprise for Trisha who rather bluntly told him: “That’s not who you are supposed to go for in this house but I like it.”

But can he win Amelia over? Or will Sam whisk her off to SW3…

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly at 9pm on Channel 5