Roadkill who killed Charmian Pepper

Roadkill on BBC One episode two: Are Peter Laurence and Charmian Pepper dead?

Both Roadkill characters were left in serious jeopardy...

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Roadkill continued on BBC One tonight (Sunday October 25 2020), following the fortunes of slippery politician Peter Laurence – but did he die at the end of episode two?

Peter was made Minister for Justice last week, despite having an illegitimate daughter in prison.

And journalist Charmian vowed to bring the MP down for trying to ‘sell off the NHS at a dodgy think tank in America’.

***Warning: spoilers from episode two ahead***

Who killed Charmian Pepper in Roadkill
Sarah Greene portrays Charmian Pepper in Roadkill (Credit: BBC One)

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This week, both Peter and Charmian were seen involved in road traffic accidents.

Are they both dead?

Here are our big questions after episode two of BBC One’s Roadkill…

Is Peter Laurence dead?

At the end of episode two of BBC One’s Roadkill, Peter is involved in a car crash.

The politician is driving himself from his office in London to his second home in Hastings.

He’s in a rush to get back to his wife Helen and daughter Lily, after they discovered the bombshell revelation that he has a secret life with lover Madeline.

As he drives home, he receives a call from his political advisor Duncan Knock.

Duncan confirms that Peter has an illegitimate daughter.

A shocked Peter loses concentration for a second and we see his car collide with another vehicle, and the windshield shatter upon him.

Is he dead?

Is Charmian Pepper dead?

Similarly, investigative journalist Charmian is also involved in a road traffic accident that could well have left her fighting for her life.

In Washington, she finally finds someone to go on the record against Peter Laurence with damning evidence.

It’s the proof she needs to bring Peter down, and prove she wasn’t lying in court – which got her the sack.

However, worse the wear from drink, she runs away from a shadowy figure who appears to be following her.

Scared and drunk, she runs into moving traffic and we see her mowed down by a car.

Has Charmian been killed just after getting the ammunition she needs to expose Peter Laurence?

Saskia Reeves stars as Helen Laurence in Roadkill (Credit: BBC One)
Saskia Reeves stars as Helen Laurence in Roadkill (Credit: BBC One)

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Is Peter Laurence corrupt?

Charmian tracks down a man who works for British American development forum, a lobby group dressed up as a think tank.

She also finds a former employee of the company who is prepared to go on the record.

We discover that Peter went to an international event meant to be about Western values.

It was really a chance for interested parties to meet in discreet surroundings.

Peter wasn’t supposed to be there and wasn’t on the schedules, but went to talk about the deregulation of pharmaceuticals.

He believes that the UK needs “discreet privatisation”.

He was paid half a million to appear at the event, and paid via the mysterious Stanfield Titles shell company.

This proves that Charmian was right about Peter all along.

Is Rose Peter’s daughter?

Peter blasts claims he has a secret lovechild, saying: “I’m not giving this woman the steam off my [bleep].”

But, at the end of episode two, we learn that Peter DOES have an illegitimate daughter in prison.

An anonymous inmate sends a comb for a DNA comparison, and it’s a positive match for Peter’s own comb.

But is it Rose, who seems to be the smartest inmate at Shephill Prison?

She seems to know a lot about him, and the prison system – and seems keen to meet him in a judge-led public enquiry into the riots.

Will they come face to face?

Madeline in Roadkill
Peter is having an affair with Madeline in Roadkill (Credit: BBC One)

Will Peter get the sack?

Peter’s daughter Lily is splashed all over the papers under the headline: “Justice Minister’s daughter binges on cocaine at party.”

He’s accused of having one set of rules for other people and one set of rules for his own family.

Meanwhile, the PM knows Peter has an illegitimate daughter in prison and seems to be giving him enough rope to hang himself.

Duncan asks Julia “is the Prime Minister out to destroy Peter’s career?”

To which Julia answers: “Dawn doesn’t have to. Isn’t he doing that himself?”

Who plays Peter’s wife Helen Laurence?

Saskia Reeves plays Helen Laurence, Peter’s wife.

She recently starred in Us, Belgravia, Shetland and Wolf Hall.

Helen’s relationship with Peter and the rest of the family is clearly troubled.

She lives in Hastings on her own and Peter lives in London.

Lily visits her mum, but Helen doesn’t even know how her daughter takes her tea.

She seems cold and disinterested.

Lily tells her mum about Peter’s affair with Madeline, but she doesn’t seem surprised.

What is going on behind the scenes with the Laurence family?

And where is the missing daughter?

Roadkill continues on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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