Roadkill final second series

Roadkill final: Will there be a second series on BBC One?

Slippery politician Peter Laurence became the Prime Minister in the season finale

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The Roadkill final BBC One (Sunday November 8 2020), has left viewers with lots of unanswered questions such as: will there be a second series?

The four-part drama saw Hugh Laurie’s slippery politician Peter Laurence become Prime Minister – but will it return?

Here’s all you need to know about the fourth and final episode.

***Warning: spoilers from episode four ahead***

Shalom Brune-Franklin played Rose Dietl
Will there be a Roadkill second series after tonight’s final?  (Credit: BBC One)

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Will there be a second series of Roadkill?

Peter Laurence was the newly appointed Prime Minister at the end of episode four of Roadkill.

A second series following his career as PM must surely follow.

The dodgy MP had helped oust Prime Minister Dawn Ellison and smugly replaced her.

He also appeared to have got away with lying in court, having an illegitimate child in jail and cheating on his wife – not to mention his possible role in the death of Charmian Pepper.

There’s certainly enough for a second series, and we’d love to see him get his comeuppance.

A representative for BBC told us: “There is nothing confirmed at the moment regarding a second series of Roadkill.”

What happened in the last episode?

Dawn Ellison was ousted as Prime Minister due to a leaked email.

Peter made a move for the top spot, and was named the new PM.

He met his third daughter who is in jail, and publicly acknowledged her – to the shock of his family at home.

Peter’s lover ended their relationship, while his wife appeared to stand by him.

Despite mounting evidence against Peter’s corruption, the newspaper Charmian Pepper worked for was told NOT to pursue him.

All leads to Peter and his dodging dealings in Washington were dropped.

Helen McCrory as PM Dawn Ellison
Helen McCrory’s Prime Minister Dawn Ellison was royally stitched up by Peter (Credit: BBC)

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Did Peter use his daughter Rose?

Peter seemed to have used his daughter Rose for political gain.

He met his illegitimate daughter in prison, and she asked him to own up to her.

He said to Rose’s mum Bella: “If I go public about Rose, we’d be naked in a hurricane.”

Peter surprised everyone – including his own family – by going public with the news during a live broadcast.

However, it later appeared to be a ploy to distract the press from his real aim – taking the role of PM from Dawn Ellison (played by Helen McCrory).

He was applauded for his “courage” and it was clear it had all been to gain advantage in parliament.

Did Peter bring down PM Dawn Ellison?

The Prime Minister’s own private secretary Julia Blythe leaked a damning email to the press.

Dawn Ellison then faced a confidence motion, which she lost.

Peter stepped into her place and became PM.

We then discovered that Peter has been pulling the strings all along, and that Julia had been secretly working for him.

PM Dawn Ellison in Roadkill
It’s a lonely place at the top for Helen McCrory’s PM in Roadkill (Credit: BBC)

Will Peter be exposed?

We know that Peter – and his wife – lied in court, saying he was in New York, when he was actually in Washington being paid to discuss the privatisation of the NHS.

Dodgy think tank British American had now been disbanded, but we were told something similar will crop up in its place.

The newspaper had lots of evidence against Peter, but had been told to shelve it, as has solicitor Rochelle who knew that whistleblowing would be “professional suicide”.

But there were still lots of people who wanted to bring him down, including his driver Sydney – possibly even his own wife.

Will Peter’s wife Helen stand by him?

Helen (Saskia Reeves) moved into 10 Downing Street with Peter.

She appeared to have forgiven him for his secret love child and his affair with Madeleine Halle.

She also refused to help expose her husband when approached by solicitor Rochelle.

However, she refused to sign an important document for Peter – knowing he needed her.

Was she emotionally blackmailed him into staying with her?

Only a second series will tell us!

All the Roadkill episodes are available to watch on iPlayer.

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