Richard Madeley loses his temper with guest who dodges questions in heated debate on GMB

He's definitely giving Piers Morgan a run for his money

Stand in host Richard Madeley lost his temper during a heated debate on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain as he and co-host Kate Garraway interviewed guest Duncan Dollimore.

Duncan, a Cycling UK spokesman, was being interviewed about whether there should be new laws for cyclists including them being insured after the number of cyclist deaths has risen.

But Richard got annoyed when he felt Duncan was not answering his questions.

The trio were discussing the case of mum-of-two Kim Briggs who recently died following a road accident.

Richard lost his patience with Duncan during the heated debate (Credit: ITV)

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Kim was knocked down and tragically killed by Charlie Alliston who was riding an “illegal bike with no front brakes”.

Alliston was cleared of manslaughter but charged with causing bodily harm by “wanton or furious driving”.

Richard then went ahead and asked Duncan a series of questions with reference to the case but ended up frustrated after Duncan failed to answer his questions directly.

Presenter Kate asked Duncan whether there should be accountability for cyclists in collisions or traffic incidents.

She said: “With a driver, there is accountability, there is insurance, ways to track them down.

“Cyclists there aren’t, other than wrestling them to the ground, there is nothing we can do.”

Richard and Duncan were left talking over each other which led to Richard’s fury (Credit: ITV)

But Duncan dodged the question and started discussing policing on the roads.

This caused Richard to lash out at Duncan as he ranted: “Sir, you’re here to answer the questions and you’re not.

“We’re asking the questions – not on our behalf but on behalf of the viewers so could you respect them? We didn’t ask you about policing on the road, we asked you…”

The pair then started interrupting each other and couldn’t hear what each other were saying.

Richard shouted: “Sir, would you please let us ask questions and would you please answer them?

“Would you please answer the questions and not change the subject? We know that is what you are doing.

“You’re just talking over us and you won’t answer the questions.”

Viewers were divided after watching the debate (Credit: ITV)

Dunan continued to talk over the star which led Richard to say: “God, stop playing games. Just let us ask the question.”

Viewers watching from home were left divided over Richard and Duncan’s fiery debate.

One said: “Loving @richardm56 channelling his inner @piersmorgan on @GMB! Getting the answers!”

@GMB Richard Madeley top man he is not messing about straight to the point,” another tweeted.


But others weren’t so keen on Richard’s ranting.

“It’s too early to be shouted at by a Judyless Richard. #gmb #goodmorningbritain,” one said.

Another added: “#GMB oh come on Richard, you aren’t Piers, just be yourself and stop shouting at people. It’s nice to be nice.”

“Interviewing lessons required….. Embarrassing…. #gmb,” a third said.



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Richard, best-known as one half of TV duo Richard & Judy, with wife Judy Finnigan, is currently filling in for Piers on the early morning show and viewers praised his “relaxed” approach to presenting the show last week.

The presenter previously commented on the job: “I’ve known Piers for 30 years so sitting in for him on GMB is an excellent opportunity to gather some inside information on him which I will unhesitatingly use to wind him up afterwards.

“Seriously though, I’m looking forward to it immensely and after all those years on This Morning the early starts will seem like old times.”