Rich House, Poor House: Channel 5 viewers share jokes about Mike’s suit

The 'rich' family's lifestyle gave them a weekly budget of just over £1,200

Channel 5 show Rich House, Poor House had viewers all making the same jokes after a couple spent hundreds on clothes.

During the second episode of the new series, aired on Sunday (March 7) evening, fans of the programme got to meet Mike and Natalie.

Rich House, Poor House continued on Channel 5 (Credit: Channel 5)

What happened on Channel 5 show Rich House, Poor House?

As the ‘poor’ couple on the programme, Mike, Natalie and their two young daughters had just over £75 disposable income per week.

They traded places with ‘rich’ property developers Lloyd and Lydia who, with their children, had over £1,200 disposable income per week.

The ‘rich’ family, Lydia, Lloyd and their children (Credit: Channel 5)

The programme explained how Mike was working temp jobs, struggling to provide for his family, and they were thousands of pounds in debt. Natalie, unfortunately, was unable to work because of her epilepsy.

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At one point in the programme, Mike and Natalie bought a suit and dress. Mike needed the suit for his job interviews, while Natalie wanted to look nice for her man.

Mike was pleased with the look, and at the end of the episode when they got to meet Lloyd and Lydia, Mike wore the suit he bought with the rich family’s money.

The suit cost hundreds of pounds (Credit: Channel 5)

What did Channel 5 viewers say?

On Twitter, viewers joked that Mike wouldn’t be taking it off. Some quipped he had probably been wearing it to bed.

One said with laughing emojis: “Rocks up to the pub wearing the suit the rich couple paid for #richhousepoorhouse.”

He’s spent so much on that suits he’s going to wear it anywhere.

Another wrote: “He’s spent so much on that suits he’s going to wear it anywhere #richhousepoorhouse.”

A third tweeted: “That suit’s worn out by now, I bet he sleeps in it #richhousepoorhouse.”

A fourth said: “#Richhousepoorhouse he’s wearing that suit to bed lol.”

Other viewers thought it wasn’t particularly responsible for them to spend almost half their week’s budget on clothes.

One said: “£500 on a suit and a dress. Nearly half of their rich budget. Is it any wonder they’re in £30k worth of debt? #RichHousePoorHouse.”

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Another wrote: “He spent almost £500 on a suit to go to a building site #richhousepoorhouse.”

Someone else put: “#richhousepoorhouse they’ve just [bleeped] all that money on a suit!”

“Two kids in a candy shop come to mind, don’t seem very responsible #richhousepoorhouse,” said another.

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