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Tuesday 7th April 2020

Holby City hints at reunion for Sacha Levy and Essie Di Lucca next week

Essie is currently in a relationship with Ben

It has been hinted that Sacha Levy and Essie Di Lucca will reunite in next week's Holby City.

Essie is currently in a relationship with newcomer Ben Sherwood, but next week her head will be put in a spin.

Essie and Ben return from holiday but when she sees Sacha, she's left confused.

Later Ben make a grand gesture and Essie has to decide where she stands with Sacha.

Sacha and Essie share a moment (Credit: BBC Pictures)

Is she considering giving their relationship another go?

Essie and Sacha previously had a relationship but ended up splitting up.

A lot has been happening in Essie's life over the past few months as she began looking after a little girl named Isla.

Isla's mum is a relative of Essie's late husband Raf and Essie has 'adopted' the baby, however it's not a legal arrangement.

Will Essie choose Ben or Sacha (Credit: BBC Pictures)

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Recently Essie and Isla have been staying with Sacha while there was an issue at Essie's home.

On top of a new baby and troubles with her home, Essie started a relationship with Ben.

But in last night's episode (Tuesday February 28 2020) Ben ended up kissing Essie's friend Dominic Copeland.

Dom had an emotional day after learning his adoptive mum Carole had been under observation and required surgery.

Ben supported Dom and as they left the hospital, the two ended up sharing a kiss.

Ben kissed Dom (Credit: BBC)

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Will either of them tell Essie?

Previously speaking to Digital Spy, Ben actor Charlie Condou said: "Ben and Essie get involved fairly quickly and it causes tension between her and Sacha, as they have this on-off thing which has been going on for years.

"It's going to be tricky but he definitely falls for Essie in a big way. He really likes her. It's not going to be plain-sailing and very complicated for everyone involved. He wants to think it will go the distance."

Who do you think Essie should be with?

Holby City is on at 8pm on Tuesdays on BBC One.

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