Resort to Love review: Does Christina Milian romantic comedy capture our hearts?

Christina Milian gets more than she bargained for on a luxury island getaway.

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Christina Milian is continuing her transformation into ‘First Lady of RomComs’ with new Netflix flick, Resort To Love.

This time round, she’s playing Erica – an aspiring singer whose career is epically stalled when a stroppy A-lister refuses to release the album that was meant to be her breakthrough. 

Suddenly finding her career stalled, and still mourning her break-up from her fiance Jacob, Erica’s in a rut. 

But her best friend Amber offers a solution. Spend a few months at a luxury Mauritius resort as their resident singer, catch some sun, then come back fighting. 

Resort to Love
Can Erica look past her fiance getting married to a new woman?  (Credit: Netflix)

It seems like a win-win situation… until Jacob arrives at the luxury resort ahead of his wedding new new fiance, Beverly. 

Stuck as his wedding singer, Erica needs to confront her past and hide the truth from Beverly. 

Then there’s the additional issue of Caleb – Jacob’s strapping ex-military brother who’s finally returned home from service. So far, so simple. 

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What makes this story fresh, and actually kind of nice to watch, is Erica’s growing friendship with Beverly. Beverly’s no bridezilla or imperfect match – she’s lovely. In turn, Erica isn’t the bitter ex, she wants the best for Jacob and Beverly. 

Netflix UK top 10 today
Christina finds herself stuck between a rock, and several rock hard abs in Mauritius (Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, the men in the film are practically 2D in terms of their character. You know very little about them apart from how many abs they have. 

It’s actually the growing female friendship that drives the story along, with Erica stepping in to help out Beverly needs it most. 

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While Jacob moves on from Erica to Beverly quickly, it’s kind of clear to see why he would. 

The breakdown of their relationship is given a satisfying explanation that assures no bad blood, but also no going back. 

We’re not sure we would entirely be comfortable kissing your ex-fiance’s brother… but hey, sometimes you need to roll with the rom-com-iness of it all.

Resort To Love
Christina Milian charms in this sweet 90-minute flick (Credit: Netflix)

Is Resort to Love worth the watch?

Resort to Love is exactly what you would expect from a romantic comedy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

There’s some freshness to it despite its predictable plot, and Christina Milian continues her streak of roles as ‘charming leading lady in an exotic location’.

It feels like a Hallmark Christmas Movie, only without the Christmas.

It’s not one that will break the internet, but it’s something sweet and sentimental. Which is sometimes all you really need for a night in.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Resort To Love is available now on Netflix. 

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