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Sunday 21st July 2019

Woman speaks out after being punched by man on SAS: Who Dares Wins

The 29-year-old midwife was left battered and bruised

This year is the first time popular endurance show, SAS: Who Dares Wins has been open to women, but not all viewers agreed it was the right decision after one was brutally beaten on Sunday night's show.

The reality series takes 25 men and women to the Andes to see if they have what it takes to make it in the SAS.

Louise insisted she was fine (Credit: Channel 4)

In the second episode of series four, the recruits faced a series of gruelling challenges designed to test their mental and physical strength, including a 200-foot forward abseil and - most shockingly - a boxing match.

Louise Gabbitas, 29, was seen being punched in the face and punched by 27-year-old Nathaniel, who later insisted he tried not to be "too aggressive".

The student apologised to Louise, who is a midwife in her day job, and she reassured him: "I'm not crying because you hurt me. I'm fine."

The SAS training is intense (Credit: Channel 4)

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She also spoke to The Sun, saying: "From the start, we were made aware that we would be treated as equals to the men and that there would be no changes, allowances or exceptions for any of us. Boxing is a regular task featured in each series so I knew it would come up.

"I was so physically and mentally drained I didn’t want to fight ANYONE. Male or female. We were all friends by this point. Gender was irrelevant. However, I had to do it and it was just another task to me. I would have been disappointed if Nathaniel had held back."

This is the first series to include women (Credit: Channel 4)

She added: "I’m thankful for how things turned out. It taught me more about myself. Losing isn’t ideal for someone so competitive, but it proved I am more resilient than I thought I could be."

Meanwhile, Nathaniel told the Express: "It was something that I expected to happen as it was the first time women were part of the show.

"Although it was inevitable, and something I tried to mentally prepare myself for, it was one of the most difficult tasks I had to do during the series."

Viewers were divided by the fight, with one declaring: "SAS: Who Dares Wins is actually savage."

I was so physically and mentally drained I didn’t want to fight ANYONE

Another commented: "Don’t like this episode of SAS who dares wins...Felt a little harsh. Maybe I’m too emotional."

A third said: "[Bleeping] hell that guy just pummelled that girl on SAS who dares wins," while one added: "It’s good that they’re showing women can be just as strong as men but that fight was a bit much."

Fans praised the bravery of the women taking part (Credit: Channel 4)

A fifth said sarcastically: "Just turned on SAS who dares wins to see some geezer battering a female. Cheers Channel 4."

Some complimented Louise for taking the beating, with one tweeting: "That [woman] took some whacks mind, fair play."

A second wrote: "It takes a lot of bravery, to go toe to toe with someone who would slap the head off you."

The show sees 25 men and women taking on the Andes (Credit: Channel 4)

A third added: "All the contestants are brilliant, would never catch me volunteering myself for something like this."

Others said it was nothing to do with her being a woman, and she could defeat him given the chance, with one tweeting: "She obviously didn’t know the right places to hit. Has nothing to do with 'because he is a man' - with the correct training she can beat him. Nobody learnt the hard or easy way at all. It’s about strength and training!"

A second said: "You can’t complain that you want women in SAS who dares wins and then complain when they get the exact same treatment as the men. Your gender doesn’t matter to the enemy."

Contestants are put through intense military training (Credit: Channel 4)

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A third commented: "Lot of people complaining about sas who dares wins letting a guy fight a [woman] in a controlled environment, surely that’s what equality’s all about🤔 fair play to her for fighting him but fair play to him for treating her like a man."

Many more loved the show, with one insisting: "Sas who dares wins is class!!" Another added: "Only now watching SAS Who Dares Wins from last night, talk about motivational!"

A third said: "SAS Who Dares Wins is unreal television. It has everything. Congrats on a cracking start to another season."

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