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New Ready Steady Cook: Controversial tuna dish causes a right stink as series returns!

To be fair, it was topped with a Parmesan crisp!

The new series of Ready Steady Cook started on BBC One yesterday (March 1) and it’s fair to say the first show proved to be a pretty controversial one.

The revamped show, which airs weekday afternoons, is now hosted by the lovely Rylan Clark-Neal.

However, even he couldn’t believe his ears when hunky Greek chef Akis Petretzikis revealed the gourmet feast he’d be rustling up for contestant Justin.

Rylan on ready steady cook
Host Rylan wasn’t convinced about the tuna sandwich (Credit: BBC)

What did Akis make on Ready Steady Cook?

Green Pepper player Justin spilled the contents of his bag at the top of the show.

Inside the bag was a meaty tuna steak, and chef Akis’ eyes lit up.

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However, it’s fair to say host Rylan wasn’t best pleased when he revealed what he was going to make with it.

A toasted tuna sandwich.

Rylan quipped: “I’m sorry but Akis, we’re on Ready Steady Cook, and you’re going to make a tuna sandwich?”

new ready steady cook
Viewers were pleased dishy chef Akis was back (Credit: BBC)

So what did viewers say about the dish?

Viewers were pretty much with Rylan.

One commented: “Seriously Akis is making a tuna sandwich?”

“He’s making a tuna sandwich?” asked another. “Unbelievable.”

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However, to give Akis credit, the sandwich did look pretty impressive once it was served up.

I’m sorry but Akis, we’re on Ready Steady Cook, and you’re going to make a tuna sandwich?

It was topped with a Parmesan crisp and Akis called the dish “very crispy tuna sandwich sexiness”.

Rylan pretty much had to eat his words, as did viewers on Twitter.

The host quipped: “It’s like the tuna sandwich version of the Millenium Dome!”

One fan of the dish commented online: “In fairness, that sandwich does look tasty.”

Not tasty enough to win the show, sadly, as the Red Tomato contestant was crowned the winner!

tuna sandwich
The sandwich did look pretty special once it was made (Credit: BBC)

What has Rylan said about the new series of Ready Steady Cook?

Rylan took to Twitter earlier today (March 2) to share his disappointment at the debut show’s viewing figures.

He said: “Ready Steady launched with just under a million yesterday – not the best but it’s a start.

“People don’t tend to talk about ratings when they aren’t what they would like. But I’m okay to. I’m normal.

“The whole production worked really hard so hopefully people will find it and love it.”

Ready Steady Cook airs weekdays at 3.45pm on BBC One.

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