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Eat, Shop, Save: Ranvir Singh show branded too similar to Eat Well For Less

Too similar for some

Eat, Shop, Save, hosted by Ranvir Singh, had viewers complaining that it’s too similar to another programme on the BBC as it continued last night.

The second episode of the fourth series, aired on Thursday (July 30) evening, saw the Good Morning Britain presenter head out to Newton Abbot in Devon, where she met the Glen family.

Eat, Shop, Sav,e, Ranvir Singh
(Credit: ITV)

What did viewers think of Eat, Shop, Save, hosted by Ranvir Singh?

Eat, Shop, Save sees Ranvir, together with a team of experts, work to help Brits eat more healthily and save money at the same time.

It’s an uplifting programme, but some of those watching have slammed it as too similar to BBC One show Eat Well For Less?

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In the latter, Celebrity MasterChef host and fitness fanatic Gregg Wallace teams up with presenter Chris Bavin, an award-winning greengrocer, help UK families save on their shopping and, according to the BBC’s description, ‘sort food facts from food fiction’.

Eat, Shop, Save, Ranvir Singh
(Credit: ITV)

A ‘blatant lift’ of Eat Well For Less?

After the second episode of the new Eat, Shop, Save series aired, viewers took to Twitter to complain about the similarity between the two programmes.

One viewer demanded: “Surely this is an blatant lift of the BBC’s Eat Well For Less? #eatshopsave.”

Another agreed: “Oh yes!”

They could’ve saved us a whole lot of time and confusion.

A third felt the same way, replying: “I wanted to see the Twitter feed, so [I] autopilot-typed in [the] search bar thingy ‘eat well for less’. So yeah, I totally agree.”

They added, in a separate tweet: “They could’ve saved us a whole lot of time and confusion, and just teamed up with [the] other lot and renamed/homogenised it… ‘Eat Shop Save For Well Less’.

Someone else branded it “pretentious” and “patronising” telly, writing: “‘Shall I tell you how much you spent on your shop this week?’ Oh FFS. Another slice of schedule fill TV… pretentious, patronising [bleep] TV.”

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However, not everyone felt that way. One called it the “best show” on TV at the moment and another found the Glen family “inspiring”.

“#EatShopSave is the best programme on television,” said one viewer.

“Really inspiring,” tweeted another, adding: “Well done family.”

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