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QUIZ: Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo or Fred Sirieix – which one are you?

Are you more like shouty Gordon, romantic Fred or excitable Gino?

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Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are one of TV’s favourite ever trios, but which one are you more like? Find out in our Gordon Gino Fred quiz!

Are you a shouty chef-type like Gordon, an excitable jackrabbit like Gino or an eternal romantic like Fred?

Find out in our exclusive quiz: Gordon, Gino and Fred!

gordon gino fred
Say cheese! Or fromage! Or formaggio! (Credit: ITV)

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Gordon Gino Fred quiz question 1: You are invited to a friend’s barbecue, but the weather forecast says rain – what do you do?

A) Cancel, immediately. If you think I’m standing in the rain with THIS hair, you’ve got another thing coming.

B) Accept, of course! Life is too short to say no to opportunities – I’ll just dig out my umbrella!

C) Good food and French wine? I’ll arrive, but fashionably late…

Question 2: Your favourite colour is?

A) Puce purple, like my face when I get angry. Think burst blood-vessel during a tantrum. Yes?

B) I can’t choose between green, white and red, the colours of my favourite flag!

C) Red naturally! The colour of roses, wine, lipstick and love hearts.

gordon ramsay bank balance bbc
Gordon Ramsay fronting game show Bank Balance (Credit: BBC)

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Question 3: It’s time to get dressed for a date night, what do you wear?

A) Tight tee, preferably white. I’m ripped for my age, and don’t care who knows it.

B) A fitted plain shirt with jeans, and a paisley bandana when the mood takes me.

C) I always dress the part in a blue suit, shirt open and no tie. Très chic!

Question 4: You’re meeting someone for the first time, how do you greet them?

A) A firm handshake if they’re lucky. Depends if I like the look of them.

B) With a hug and a big smile on my face!

C) La bise – a kiss on both cheeks, so please don’t move your face mid-kiss as that’s always embarrassing!

fred sirieix on itv christmas special
Fred having a riot while filming Gordon, Gino and Fred (Credit: ITV)

Question 5: You’re in trouble with your bosses, why?

A) Where do I start? Swearing on the job, yelling at my subordinates, making an intern cry…

B) Well, there was the time I tried to say “sheet” of puff pastry and it sounded rude, or when I cooked “a sausage in the hole”, and referred to someone pregnant as “up the muff”…

C) In trouble? Moi? I never stay in trouble for long as I just charm my way out of it!

Gordon Gino Fred quiz question 6: Which of these song titles best describes you?

A) Angry Again by Megadeth.

B) O Sole Mio, sung by Luciano Pavarotti.

C) Dean Martin’s That’s Amore.

Gino D'Acampo fred
Gino D’Acampo fronting Family Fortunes (Credit: ITV)

Question 7: Who is your idol?

A) Well it was Marco Pierre White until he made me cry.

B) My wife and teenage sweetheart…

C) Pepé Le Pew for his constant quest for love.

Gordon Gino Fred quiz question 8: What is your fave inspirational quote?

A) “Sometimes you have to get angry to get things done” by film director Ang Lee.

B) “I can’t stand innuendo. If I see one in a script I whip it out immediately”, said by Kenneth Williams.

C) “We are most alive when we’re in love,” according to novelist John Updike.

Gordon, Gino or Fred – who are you?

Mostly As – you are Gordon! You are as famous for your temper, as you are your talent. You love hard, but don’t suffer fools. You’re a family man at heart, and keep your inner circle small.

Mostly Bs – you are Gino! Life is for living, and your having all the laughs on the way. You don’t take things too seriously, and love a good flirt.

Mostly Cs – You are Fred! Charming, kind and with a twinkle in your eye. You love giving advice and try to see the best in people.

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