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Marcella on ITV: Five burning questions we have after the series three finale

WARNING! Spoilers within!

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Marcella series three came to a hair-raising climax this week (Tuesday March 02 2021) with the titular heroine escaping the Maguire family by the skin of her teeth – and here are five questions we have after the finale.

Will Marcella get a happy ending at last?

Here’s everything you need to know!


Keira and Finn in Marcella
Anna Friel as Keira/Marcella Backland and Aaron McCusker as Finn in Marcella series three (Credit: ITV1)

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How did series three of Marcella end?

The season three finale sees Marcella board a private jet to an unknown destination.

And she’s not alone.

She’s with Katy Barrett, the orphaned infant daughter of Stacey and Bobby Barrett, members of the Maguire crime dynasty.

Before leaving the Maguire mansion, Marcella transferred the Maguire fortune (£24million) to a secret bank account for Katy.

Viewers know that Marcella has struggled to move on after the death of her own infant daughter Juliet.

So perhaps adopting baby Katy could be the redemption she needs.

Questions after Marcella finale: what about Marcella’s condition?

Viewers know that Marcella suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

The condition means she enters fugue states during which she blanks out and awakens with no memory of what she’s done.

Is she fit to be looking after a baby?

And will she ever see her own children again?

Stacey in jail in Marcella
Kelly Gough as Stacey Maguire in Marcella series three (Credit: ITV)

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Where is Marcella going at the end of series three?

Marcella is seen boarding a private jet for a new start in a new country after stealing all the Maguire millions (thanks to Rory’s eyeball).

But where is she going?

One possible destination is Cuba, the country to which the Maguire family planned to send Bobby Barrett when he went on the run after committing murder.

We know Marcella Backland is now calling herself Miss Hart, and has decided she “can’t go back to her old life”.

Oh and naturally she has a new hairstyle, too!

Questions after Marcella finale: Who calls her at the airport?

Just as it looks like Marcella might be allowed a fresh start, she receives a phone call…

Before boarding the plane, a mystery caller who knows her real identity has tracked her down to the private airport.

Marcella takes the call and then hangs up when she hears her real name being used.

Could DI Rav Sangha have survived the gunshot wound to call her?

Or is it somebody else from her past?

The questions all lead to a possible series four…

Marcella episode six
Will Marcella get her happy ending? (Credit: ITV1)

Will the Maguire’s go after her?

Thanks to Keira/Marcella, the Maguire family has imploded – and all of them ended up dead after an epic shoot out.

All except Katherine, who is not exactly the forgiving kind, so will she track her down for revenge?

Equally, she may want Katy returned to the fold.

Should Marcella – or Miss Hart – be watching her back?!

At the end of series three, Katherine was still incapacitated after her stroke, but that could change.

Questions after Marcella finale: Will there be a series four?

Viewers who want to see more of Marcella will have to wait.

ITV have not yet confirmed if the series will return.

Although we have a strong feeling Anna Friel WILL be back as Marcella in 2022.

The crime drama was always intended to be a trilogy, according to actor Anna Friel, but a return after season three is possible.

Speaking ahead of the UK season launch, Anna said: “The end of the third season is very much left open.

“I guess it depends on how much the viewers like it.”

The Maguire family in Marcella series three
Marcella blew the Maguire family apart in series three of Marcella (Credit: ITV1)

What has Anna Friel said about the series three finale?

Actress Anna Friel, who plays Marcella, says: “There is a kind of satisfying end to series three.

“There’s quite a twist and a surprise for Marcella.

“I think viewers will be quite surprised, as they were with season two, but pleasantly surprised this time.

“There might be some redemption.”

Anna added: “Marcella could end up going to Cuba. She could go anywhere.”

Marcella concluded on Tuesday March 02 2021 with a double bill of episode seven and eight. The entire series is currently available to watch on the ITV Hub.

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