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The Queen’s Speech: Why did Her Majesty cancel her 1969 Christmas broadcast?

Every year our favourite member of the Royal Family addresses the nation

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The Queen’s Speech will soon be booming into our living rooms as Christmas Day befits.

Every year the Queen delivers a festive message to everyone up and down the country.

But just when did this tradition begin, and will it continue?

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Her Majesty addresses the nation every year with the Queen’s Speech (

What is the Queen’s Speech?

The Queen’s Speech has been a tradition since 1932.

It was started by King George V, and now all these years later has become a Christmas staple for many royalists.

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Planning for each year’s address begins months before the big day.

The Queen comes up with a general theme, and then when it comes time to film it’s actually done a few days before the actual time it airs.

Can’t have Her Majesty making a blunder on live television can we!

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There wasn’t a Christmas message in 1969 (Credit:

Why wasn’t there a Queen’s speech in 1969?

There has only been one year since 1932 that a Christmas speech from the Queen hasn’t gathered the nation.

And the reason may not be one that you expect.

A royal documentary had been aired earlier that year in the summer. As a result, the Queen decided that the British public could have grown tired of them and wanted to remain out of the spotlight for the remainder of the year.

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The programme, called Royal Family, was about Prince Charles’s Investiture.

Instead of airing a speech, she instead addressed the country with a message.

She wrote: “I want you all to know that my good wishes are no less warm and personal because they come to you in a different form.”

Is there a Queen’s speech this year? (Credit:

What’s happening for 2020?

With Covid-19 still causing widespread issues, the main concern has been the Queen’s health.

However, for once Covid-19 isn’t to blame for this year’s delay in recording her message.

According to Mail Online, Boris Johnson’s fumbling of the Brexit deal has led to the Queen postponing filming until the UK has a final answer on what is going on.

It’s thought that this year the main theme will likely be the coronavirus and its impact on the UK.

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