Proof Corrie’s Gary Windass is still alive

He's found bloodied and bruised

He’s not even dead on-screen yet, but already the rumours that Gary Windass’s death is a red herring have been proved correct after actor Mikey North was spotted filming on location.

But while we’re delighted to see Gary’s alive, the location filming revealed that he’s not exactly alive and well.

Anna and Sarah are told Gary has been killed in the Ukraine (Credit: ITV)

Poor Gary is seen bloodied and bruised after being violently beaten. He’s attended to by concerned passers-by who call the police.

Obviously Craig Tinker turns up (he’s the only police officer in Weatherfield, by the looks of things!) and tends carefully to Gary, who’s currently dating Craig’s friend Bethany’s mum, Sarah.

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Gary’s got himself some woman trouble (Credit: ITV)

While we’re concerned to see Gary in such a bad way, we’re also thrilled to see that our suspicions were right and that his reported death is just a big old soap twist.

After weeks of rumours, Corrie finally confirmed that Gary’s mum Anna and girlfriend Sarah will be told that Gary’s been killed in a terrorist bomb attack while working in the Ukraine.

Gary cheated on Sarah and now Nicola’s expecting his baby! (Credit: ITV)

But just today it was reported that actually Gary would arrive home unexpectedly over the festive season.

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And now Mikey North being spotted filming has seemingly confirmed that those rumours are true.

Sarah doesn’t know that Gary’s been cheating (Credit: ITV)

Though we’re not sure what kind of welcome Gary will come home to – he’s recently cheated on Sarah with Phelan’s estranged daughter Nicola and got her pregnant.

Could Phelan be responsible for Gary’s troubles? (Credit: ITV)

Maybe one of his women are responsible for the beatings? Or evil Phelan himself? We can’t wait to find out.