Sheridan Smith in promo shot for Perfect Pooch

Pooch Perfect on BBC One: Will there be a second series? How can I apply?

The dog grooming show hosted by Sheridan Smith is coming to an end

The final of Pooch Perfect airs this week on BBC One, crowning one dog groomer as the best – but will there be a second series?

If so, where can you apply?

Here’s everything you need to know about the future of the series, hosted by Sheridan Smith.

Sheridan Smith hosts Perfect Pooch on BBC One
Sheridan Smith hosts Perfect Pooch on BBC One. But will there be a second series? (Credit: BBC One)

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Pooch Perfect on BBC One: The Final

Sheridan Smith presents the final of the Pooch Perfect competition.

The three remaining contestants – Georgia, Kelly D and Lakhi – aim to become the top dog groomer.

The winner will receive the Golden Stanley trophy.

To win, they must execute one of the toughest challenges in the industry – a continental clip on an elegant standard poodle.

They also have to guess a breed of dog while blindfolded, before one last dog walk parade.

Judges Verity Hardcastle and Colin Taylor have the task of choosing the winner.

How were the dogs chosen?

Dog owners filled in an application and were then called in to discuss the show.

All the dogs had to have had experience of being groomed by a professional, be fit and healthy and in need of a trim.

All the dogs needed a reference from their own groomer and from their vet to check on their health and temperament.

The dogs had to have hair that was long enough to challenge the groomers and to provide a really good transformation.

The BBC One show booked more dogs than were needed for the competition to come to the studio.

This was to ensure that any dog that may not have been suitable for a variety of reasons or whose coat did not meet the required standard was not used or put through anything that they might not have enjoyed.

Dog with blue hair on Pooch Perfect
Blue hair don’t care? The RSPCA has criticised Pooch Perfect (Credit: BBC One)

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Will there be a second series of Pooch Perfect?

BBC One have not yet confirmed whether the show will return.

Whether it’s commissioned or not usually depends on the popularity of the first series.

Pooch Perfect divided viewers.

Some loved it as light entertainment during a dreary winter lockdown.

Many have begged Sheridan to confirm a second series via social media, but she’s keeping her lips sealed for now.

Others slammed the show, accusing it of being cruel to the dogs.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr. Samantha Gaines welcomed the show having a vet on set but added: “We do not believe animals should be painted or dyed for cosmetic reasons.

“Our pets are intelligent and sentient; treating them in this way sends out a worrying message that they are ours to objectify and treat as fashion accessories or toys.”

How can I apply to take part?

If you’re a dog groomer hoping to take part in a possible second series of Pooch Perfect, this is the website to visit when the time comes.

Equally if you’re a dog owner who thinks your pooch would love to be in the limelight, email this address to apply

Watch this space for more information.

Pooch Perfect concludes on Thursday March 04 2021 at 8pm on BBC One.

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