Pointless host Richard Osman stunned by contestant’s ‘absolutely brutal’ move before final

'Savagery' from contestant Alex

Pointless host Richard Osman was stunned over a contestant’s “absolutely brutal” move right before the final round.

During Tuesday (March 9) afternoon’s repeat episode of the BBC quiz show, Toby and Fiona were playing against Emily and Alex for a place in the last round on the show – and a chance to walk away with the prize money.

One of the last questions on Pointless asked for the names of biscuits (Credit: BBC)

What happened on Pointless?

However, just as Fiona seemed confident she might have come up with a good answer, Alex managed to steal her idea and offer his own twist on it.

The question asked for the names of biscuits. One of the clues was: “A native of the city known as Firenze in Italian and a word often used to describe dishes containing spinach.”

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Toby and Fiona were up first and the latter said: “I’m going to take a punt and a risk… I think that biscuit’s called a Florentina…”

Toby and Fiona played against Emily and Alex for a place in the final (Credit: BBC)

Alex, getting an idea, then said: “Can I just clarify, if we disagree with their answer, can we give that… or are we not allowed?

Presenter Alexander Armstrong told him: “I think yes you can.”

Alex continued: “Because we think it’s Florentine.”

Fiona’s Florentina answer wasn’t correct (Credit: BBC)

They turned to the board and Fiona’s answer, Florentina, was shown to be incorrect and she turned away, shaking her head.

The face on Fiona then, not happy.

Alex’s answer was next up and the board revealed it was worth 20 points, taking him and Emily through to the final round.

Richard Osman called Alex’s move “absolutely brutal” (Credit: BBC)

What did Pointless host Richard Osman say, and what did viewers think?

Richard Osman called the move “absolutely brutal”, while viewers on Twitter thought Fiona looked miffed at having her answer taken.

One viewer joked: “I think Fiona had a knife there ready #pointless.”

A second tweeted: “Hahaha Fiona is NOT happy! Savagery from Alex! #pointless.”


Another said: “The face on Fiona then, not happy #pointless.”

A fourth put: “Fiona’s raging #pointless.”

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Someone else said: “She’s fuming.”

In the end, Emily and Alex failed to secure the jackpot and went home empty handed.



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