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Piers Morgan urges Susanna Reid to go topless: “We could become the most famous show in the world!”

Piers Morgan mocked Kim Kardashian's latest business deal during GMB

GMB host Piers Morgan told Susanna Reid that if she lifted her top live on air she would make millions of pounds.

The Good Morning Britain star, 55, suggested Susanna, 49, go topless as they discussed Kim Kardashian’s vast fortune.

Reason behind Piers Morgan’s strange suggestion for Susanna Reid on GMB

Piers couldn’t quite believe it when he read that Kim is set to make an extra $200 million (£162 million) from a new beauty line.

Seemingly exasperated, he said that all celebrities need to do is go nude to make huge amounts of money.

He said: “Congratulations Kim.

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Piers Morgan made the suggestion to Susanna Reid as hit out at Kim Kardashian on GMB (Credit: CoverImages)

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“Kim Kardashian has sold a chunk of her beauty company for £200 million, making her almost a billionaire.

“Congratulations Kim”

“I think we are all thrilled with that aren’t we, at this time when everyone is losing their jobs. Great to see the talentless Kardashians are even richer.

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“Just goes to show you just need to strip off and flip the bird, and you too can be a billionaire.

“Honestly Susanna if you go topless right now and flip the bird to the world you will make this show a hit and get rich.

“The combination of you topless, we could become the most famous show in the world.”

Susanna Reid laughed off Piers’ cheeky suggestion (Credit: ITV)

Susanna took Piers’ suggestions in her stride, and confidently laughed them off.

“I might not risk it thanks”

She replied: “I might not risk it thanks.”

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This is by no means the first time Piers has shared his disapproval of Kim Kardashian

Back in March he accused the reality star turned business mogul of failing to spread awareness of coronavirus.

He argued that instead she continued to publicly air her ongoing feud with singer Taylor Swift.

Piers has aired his disapproval of Kim Kardashian on several occasions (Credit: ITV)

Piers told The Sun on Sunday: “I hope this situation has given us all some perspective and, that once it’s over, we will stop worshipping material stuff and realise it really does not matter what Kim Kardashian has to say. None of it matters.

“No one gives a rat’s ar*e about Kim’s latest barbs with Taylor Swift.

“These people should be using their platforms to raise awareness about health workers and the importance of staying at home, not for their own gain.”

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