Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan(Credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan reveals son had coronavirus symptoms as he hits back at criticism for still going to work

Fans thought Piers should be self-isolating too

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Broadcaster Piers Morgan has been live in the Good Morning Britain studio every morning, reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Today he revealed that his youngest son Albert, 19, has shown “mild symptoms” of coronavirus.

Viewers watching at home were quick to slam the host and say he should be self isolating.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has three boys with his ex-wife Marion Shalloe and a daughter with wife Celia Walden.

He revealed the news on ITV’s breakfast show today while discussing the deadly virus.

Piers Morgan said: “One of my sons had it in a much milder way. My youngest boy.

Piers Morgan 31 March
Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

“I think most people are associating [lack of taste and smell] that with the virus, it’s a very unnerving thing to get…

“Yes, he had mild symptoms which have cleared up now.”

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The journalist has been vocal about people disobeying government measures to halt the spread of COVID-19.

On Tuesday’s show he ranted: “It’s about getting a grip, growing a pair and realising if we’re gonna get through this, do it together, show resilience.”

Susanna Reid Good Morning Britain
Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. (Credit :ITV)

Co-host Susanna Reid has recently returned after a period of two weeks self isolation amid coronavirus fears.

On her return, Susanna admitted she’s concerned her family are still susceptible to catching the virus.

Piers agreed: “None of you may have had the virus – this is the problem. Susanna and her sons might go out into the big wild world and one of them might get it.”

“Practise what you preach”

Good Morning Britain fans were shocked by Piers’ admission about his son and took to social media to demand answers.

One said: “@piersmorgan#GMB surely if Piers’s son has had symptoms he should be self isolating. Practise what you preach.”

Another agreed: “@piersmorgan if your youngest son has had it, why have you not been self isolating? #GMB”
A final fan added: “So did Piers Morgan say his son had symptoms of #COVIDー19 and he didn’t self isolate? Isn’t that kinda hypocritical as he keeps getting on his high horse over everyone else doing this?”
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid
Susanna Reid has returned to work after 14 days of self isolation. (Credit: ITV)
This moment came after Piers Morgan coughed live on air.

During a segment with Dr Hilary Jones, the journalist joked: “I just coughed there and I know some people at home will be thinking, oh there he goes he has got it.

“People on TV cough all the time, I hear people do it on air. But it will worry people. The moment you do everyone goes mad.”

The TV host is not experiencing any symptoms.

Piers hit back

Piers addressed the viewer backlash live on Good Morning Britain.

“He [my son] was at his mother’s house not mine.”

Piers Morgan does not live with any of his sons and has not seen them since the PM imposed the UK lockdown.

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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