Piers Morgan Life Stories 2021 Ruper Everett

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 2021: Viewers joke about host’s questions to Rupert Everett

They talked through Rupert's colourful relationship history

The 2021 series of Piers Morgan show Life Stories continued last night with actor Rupert Everett.

The My Best Friend’s Wedding star, 61, joined the GMB host in the studio during Thursday (March 4) evening’s episode of the popular talk show.

Their conversation spanned everything from Rupert’s strained relationship with his family when he was younger, to his outrageous behaviour as a Hollywood star in the 1990s.

GMB’s Piers Morgan had Rupert Everett on his Life Stories show (Credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan quizzes Rupert Everett on his sex life in Life Stories 2021

But the chat also turned to Rupert’s lovers – and had viewers claiming Piers was ‘obsessed’ with the star’s sex life.

They discussed some of Rupert’s famous girlfriends, including late TV presenter Paula Yates and actress Susan Sarandon, who he dated before coming out as gay.

Rupert Everett and Paula Yates
Rupert discussed dating TV presenter Paula Yates (Credit: ITV)

Piers said: “You’d exhausted the world’s repertoire of the most beautiful female stars.”

“Well, I suppose I had,” Rupert admitted.

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The GMB host asked: “Did you think of yourself a bisexual, or as a gay man having fun?”

“I loved anyone who fancied me,” Rupert said. “Every time I had sex I thought, woah, I’m living!”

They discussed his sex life at length (Credit: ITV)

Rupert dodges question about lover count

Piers then tried to get an exact figure, as he asked: “How many times did you succumb to this temptation?”

“A lot…” Rupert replied, before adding: “I really can’t start thinking about how many people I had sex with, but tonnes anyway.”

“A lot,” Piers echoed, laughing.

Did you think of yourself a bisexual, or as a gay man having fun?

Elsewhere in the chat, Piers asked his guest: “Did you carry on sleeping with women throughout the ’90s and ’00s?”

“Probably a couple of times, maybe,” Rupert said.

The presenter wondered why Rupert was sleeping with women if he is gay.

The actor told him: “I was [gay] all the way through… but it’s different being with women. I can’t quite explain it.”

Piers quipped: “Do you know how grotesquely unfair it is to all us straight guys, if you’re going around nicking all the best looking women?”

Some viewers felt Piers seemed obsessed with Rupert’s sex life (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say about the episode?

On Twitter, a number of viewers joked that Piers came across as ‘obsessed’ with Rupert’s sex life.

One viewer tweeted: “Morgan is obsessed with Everett’s sex life!”

Another who agreed joked it was because he “hasn’t got one of his own”.

A third said: “I was thinking the same… creepy…”

A fourth quipped that Piers was obsessed with “anyone’s [sex life]” and referenced the moment Mel B jokingly called him a “pervert” when he quizzed the Spice Girl on her claims she had sex with Geri Halliwell.


Life Stories 2021 viewers hail best episode yet

After the episode aired, people rushed to Twitter to call Rupert Everett’s episode one of the best Piers Morgan’s Life Stories to date.

Someone tweeted: “One of the best #lifestories.”

“My favourite #LifeStories yet @piersmorgan!” said another, adding: “You and #RupertEverett are insightful and hilarious! Superb!”

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“Tonight’s #LifeStories with the most lovely Rupert Everett was so good, one of my favourite actors,” wrote one viewer.

“One of my favourite #LifeStories #RupertEverett,” echoed another.



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