Piers Morgan slams ‘idiot’ footballer Jack Grealish live on Good Morning Britain

Jack crashed his car after attending a party during coronavirus lockdown

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Piers  Morgan let rip during today’s Good Morning Britain with a spectacular rant against Aston Villa’s captain Jack Grealish.

He called the footballer an “idiot” for urging the public to stay at home and then going out partying until 4am.

The TV host did not hold back, accusing Jack of “selfishness and recklessness”.

The UK is now into its second week of near-lockdown measures, in order to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Public figures, including Jack Grealish have been calling for the public to stay at home to protect the NHS.

Last week in a video message the footballer called on his fans to: “Stay home, save lives!”

However, he was recently caught going against his own words.

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan let rip on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

In moves that do not follow social distancing measures, Jack was pictured visiting a friend’s house for a party.

The star was seen at 8am after crashing his £80,000 Range Rover into three parked cars.

Piers was incensed by his actions and asked: “What were you thinking Jack? What happened to your little guidance?”

He continued: “What happened to staying home and saving lives?

“It doesn’t help when an England star and role model does that”

The TV host went on to accuse Jack Grealish of “total impunity and selfishness and recklessness”.

Those tuning in at home shared these sentiments with one agreeing on Twitter: “#GMB disgusting behaviour from Jack Grealish, absolutely DISGUSTING.”

Another said: “Hypocrisy and stupidity at its best aye Jack. Saying this then going to a party. Let’s hope you haven’t got the virus, and if you have, you don’t pass it on to any vulnerable family members and the NHS.”

Piers Morgan live on GMB

The UK could now be looking at up to six months before life returns to normal.

Tougher measures

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned a tougher lockdown could be coming.

Currently, people should not leave their house unless they need to get essential supplies such as food and medicine.

The public can also exercise once a day outside for one to one hour and travel to work only if absolutely necessary.

These rules are designed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

As the death toll rises, the police now have the power to break up gatherings and send home people disobeying these measures.

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