Piers Morgan interview Matt Hancock on GMB

Piers Morgan grills Matt Hancock in GMB interview over school meal hampers

Viewers praised Piers for his questioning

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Piers Morgan has grilled Matt Hancock over the school meal hampers scandal in an interview on Good Morning Britain.

There was outrage on social media this week over the free school meal hampers that were offered to struggling families across the country.

One company, who sent out the hampers, faced backlash after an angry mother posted an image of the food parcel she received.

Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock on GMB
Piers grilled Matt Hancock (Credit: ITV)

The parcel included a loaf of bread, a bag of pasta, cheese, three apples, two carrots, one tomato, one can of baked beans, two baked potatoes, two bananas, three tubes of fromage frais and two malt loaf snacks.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday’s GMB, Piers and Susanna Reid questioned the Health Secretary about the parcels.

Piers said: “This is what they deemed enough for a family for one week,” as he showed a parcel in the GMB studio. 

Matt Hancock on GMB
Mr Hancock addressed the free school meals scandal (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers Morgan say to Matt Hancock?

Piers said: “This is a complete disgrace Health Secretary isn’t it?”

Mr Hancock replied: “Yeah the company has apologised for what they sent out. I’m glad this surfaced on social media.”

However, Piers asked: “Why are they sending out water in these parcels?”

Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock on GMB
Piers asked Mr Hancock if he regretted voting against free school meals (Credit: ITV)

Mr Hancock said: “I have no idea. I’m glad they apologised.”

Meanwhile, Piers ranted: “You are the Health Secretary and this is the health of the poorest kids of this country.

“You are allowed to say to [the company], ‘I don’t want to see another bottle of water in any of these parcels again.'”

Mr Hancock said: “I want to see good, high quality food.

Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock on GMB
Viewers slammed Mr Hancock (Credit: ITV)

Mr Hancock slammed by Piers

“I’m really glad we are able to send out food to those who receive free schools meals when schools are in.”

Piers hit back: “If you’re that glad, can I ask a difficult question. Why did you vote against it [giving free meals to kids]?”

However, Mr Hancock said: “Well I’m really glad we were able to put it into place.”

Piers cut in: “But if you’re that glad about it being put into place, again why did you vote against this?”

Matt Hancock on GMB
Viewers said the Health Secretary ‘squirmed’ at Piers’ questioning (Credit: ITV)

Mr Hancock said: “Because the reason that I’m glad now is because we’ve been able to sort it out and put it in place.”

But Piers hit back: “The reason you’re glad now is because you got shamed into it by a young footballer with a conscious,” referring to Marcus Rashford.

In addition, he asked: “Do you regret now voting against it?”

However, Mr Hancock said: “I’m really glad it’s happening now…”

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford pushed the government to provide the meals (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Piers grilled: “But do you regret voting against it? Health Secretary you only have to say yes or no. You either regret it or you don’t.”

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However, Mr Hancock said: “I’m really glad the situation has been resolved. I’m going to use my own words to describe my own feelings on this one.”

What did viewers say?

Meanwhile, viewers praised Piers on Twitter and accused Mr Hancock of “squirming” over the questions.

Meanwhile, one said: “Loved seeing Piers put it on Matt Hancock this morning, the government is an absolute mess!”

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