Piers Morgan sex ban

Piers Morgan flips his lid over sex ban on GMB

Don't live with your lover? Still no 'Netflix and Chill' for you!

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Piers Morgan lost his cool on GMB this morning (June 2) as he discussed the government’s ban on people who don’t live together having sex.

Yesterday ED! reported that bumping uglies with your partner/friend-with-benefits if you live in different houses had been made illegal.

Up until May 30, a person visiting another’s home for ‘a special cuddle’ would have been in breach of Government guidelines.

It’s damaging to people’s relationships. It’s not just about sex, it’s about intimacy.

Now, however, both parties will be breaking the law and could face prosecution under these new regulations.

Debate disaster

Piers found this new rule absolutely preposterous, none too surprisingly, and challenged Tory MP Tobias Ellwood to a debate about it.

GMB sex ban
Piers Morgan amused everyone with his sex ban rant (Credit: ITV)

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Unfortunately for Ellwood, one of few Conservative MPs who dare appear on the show, he wasn’t aware of this new policy.

Piers exploded as yet another politician had come on the show without apparently preparing for it.

After Piers ran through the story for him “four times”, Ellwood, when really pressed, admitted the ban was indeed “ridiculous”.

Regular Good Morning Britain guest Andrew Pierce then asked the obvious question: “How are they going to enforce this? It’s embarrassing and ridiculous.”

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Susanna Reid pointed out: “It’s damaging to people’s relationships. It’s not just about sex, it’s about intimacy.”

Piers then lowered the tone, as he read out a tweet from a viewer who asked if it would be okay if the lovers wore PPE!

Early morning innuendo

Dr Hilary Jones quipped: “Only if you wear a condom!” At this point Susanna reminded her colleagues it was only 7.45 in the morning…

But Piers couldn’t help slipping in a few innuendos – as Susanna teed up the competition, offering viewers the chance to win a prize package, he joked: “Everyone wants a prize package right now but the government won’t let them!”

GMB sex ban
Piers joked about people missing a prize package (Credit: ITV)

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