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GMB: Piers Morgan clashes with Dr Hilary Jones during pub curfew debate

Piers was raging again

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GMB stars Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary Jones clashed on today’s episode of the show (Tuesday September 22) during a debate about pub curfews.

The 55-year-old presenter and TV’s favourite doctor, 67, got into it with the doc trying to explain the benefits of the curfews.

What did Piers Morgan say on GMB?

Piers responded to the reports that 10pm curfews on pubs and restaurants in the wake of a surge in coronavirus cases will come into play from Thursday (September 24).

He began: “Does COVID come out like a vampire?”

“I just don’t get this, Hilary. What difference does it make closing a pub at 10 or 11?”

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He continued: “We need to get our head around where they are getting that figure. ‘Doubling’ has not happened anywhere else, why would it happen here?

Piers Morgan Dr Hilary GMB
Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary engaged in a lively debate on GMB (Credit: ITV)

“To me it’s like what are we trying to do here? What is the strategy? Are we trying to suppress it? Stop it?”

How did Dr Hilary respond on GMB?

Dr Hilary explained the logic behind the curfew, saying it could be a good way to suppress the spread of the virus.

“I suppose, observationally, if you look at what goes on in popular pubs and restaurants after 10pm there are greater amounts of alcohol consumed and people forget to socially distance ,” he said.

Will Boris Johnson bring in the 10pm curfew rule? (Credit: SplashNews.com)

“They hug and they kiss.”

We’re in a pandemic, the virus is transmitted between human beings, we have to restrict that.

And, when Piers went off on one, he responded: “We’re in a pandemic, the virus is transmitted between human beings, we have to restrict that.

“Would you do nothing Piers?”

Who else has Piers been railing at?

Piers double-downed on his rage on Twitter when radio presenter James O’Brien explained the benefits of a curfew.

James said: “It reduces the size of the ‘window’ in which you might get infected in the pub.

“Perhaps with an optimistic side order of reducing drunkenness too…”

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But Piers, as usual, wasn’t having any of it.

“Speaking as someone who grew up in a pub,” he said, “I imagine this will just make people drink more, faster.”

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